learning from bahubali

Learning from Bahubali

Learning from Bahubali

A movie of power, a new beginning to a great end, a movie of strength, honesty, respect for mother and motherland, and there are so many learning’s from this one great south Indian movie which earned a lot of respect around a globe with great numbers of the fan, the movie is about a king of a big empire Maheeshmati and his enemies, this movie will tell you that how your loved ones turned into your enemies for money, and which can lead to death too, how sometimes things get worse with some new beginnings of life, then there is one who was honest and stuck to his words Kattappa, ”Kattapa ne Bahubali ko kyu mara?”

Let’s learn about this great movie in details, and here are some great learnings from Bahubali:

  • There were two parts in this in part 1 there was Mahendra Bahubali son of Amrendra Bahubali, who was unaware of the fact that whom he belonged too, who are his parents and why he wanted to climb that jal parvat? These questions were there and finally, he reached its peak where he met this girl named Avantika, he was in love with her, the boy with great power helped her and reached Maheeshmati to get Devsena, wife of Bahubali and his mother, he fought with their army and rescued her, this taught us that we can achieve anything in life what we need is little support and trust in eyes of people, there is a fact that behind every successful man there is a woman, and behind him there was Avantika and we should always respect it.

  • Then the movie comes further where Kattapa tells him about his father, a great ruler and how everybody loves him so much, there was a lot of respect for him, so lets come to him, Bahubali was a son of the king who died due to sudden attack, and his mother died after his birth, then Shivgami Devi aka Rajmata of Maheeshmati took good care of him and her son Bhallaldev, she taught them equally, and both of them were powerful, brave but Bahubali was of great moral values, he loves everyone more than he does himself, and he was appointed as the Yuvraj of Maheeshmati, so from this we learned that if you have power than you cant conquer the world but if you have both power and wisdom then you will be loved and great things will always be there for you.

  • Then there was an appearance of devsena and how Bahubali fell in love with her and living at her place as a cook, but she was clever and knew that he wasn’t just a random person, she knew that he was a warrior then she fell for him too, and her empire was attacked too, meanwhile shivgami sent a lot of presents for her with a sword to complete the marriage ritual, which wasn’t right as every girl have the right to choose for herself, they have the right to choose their life partner with whom they wanted to spend their life and she wrote her back with a lot of anger, later devsena got to know about Bahubali and agrees to come with him, when she reached there, she was humiliated in raj Sabha but her pride was saved by Bahubali, and his vachan, it doesn’t matter if you are a ruler of an empire you need to respect a woman and her feelings, no one should be forced to marry someone whom they don’t love, as Bahubali rejects to be a king just to save her pride we need to adapt these things in our life too. Today women get raped in daylight and no one raises their voice, they get molested, tortured but we remain quiet if one can leave their empire then we can help them by saving them.

  • As we were talking about female molestation, Devsena was molested in the Shivalya by Senapati, and when he tried to point his evil thoughts on her she cut his finger with his sword, this scene was amazing and taught us to save ourselves on our own, if we are powerful enough to save us and can fight with these jerks and handle them then nobody will ever try to molest us, insult us, humiliate us and above all rape us. After this Bahubali came into the courtroom and said “aurat par haath daalne waale ki ungliyan nhi kaati jaati, kata jaata hai uska laga” and he was lying their dead. We want these kinds of men with us, who aren’t afraid to do justice with us, and then we will proudly say that yes, we are living in a safe world where people aren’t scared of justice.

  • He was thrown out of the raajmahal with his pregnant wife and asked to live with rest of the people, as we are aware of the fact that he was a man of moral values and he saw people working hard and fighting with day to day problem he made machines to help them out, people were happy and don’t need a king for them, so the moral is if we are good then doesn’t matter where are we living we will get respect everywhere and at the end that is the more important thing to rule in hearts of people than ruling a state.

  • If we are talking about Bahubali then how can we forgot Kattapa, he was a man of his word and of trust, he was a trustworthy person of Maaheeshmati and can do anything which is ordered to him by Maharaja, so he killed his beloved son, Bahubali.

We know that karma is always there, Bhalla was killed by his son then the whole nation was living a great life under the rule of Mahendra Bahubali, Rajmata Devsena.

There was a lot of learning from this movie, all we need to adapt was positive, as we know that people nowadays think that movies have a violent impact on kids but we need to understand the good part and how can we make our life worth living, all those sins we are doing we need to be answerable to them, so just live a life with dignity and learn to respect all, money isn’t everything.

“ Mera vachan hii hai sachan”

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