How to achieve success in your life


Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It’s quite simple, really: Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn’t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that’s where you will find success.”

                                                                         — Thomas J. Watson

Success is the word of the hour, In today’s world, everyone is seeking success at some point in their lives. The affinity of people towards success comes from the perks of it, that successful ones are enjoying. Different people have different definitions of success. We all possess an altogether different set of perceptions about success.

For some, it might means getting all the materialistic pleasures in life, for instance, a good bank balance and a luxurious lifestyle, and on the contrary, for some, it means un-break-able bonding. Success is nothing but the result of your endless dedication, unshakable determination, and earnest hardships towards attaining your aspiration. Success is the worth of our hard work. It requires our hard-nosed approach towards our goals in life.

How to achieve success in your life 1
How to achieve success in your life

Whenever we try to achieve something and if we achieve that we call it a success. Let say you have set a target to achieve 80% in your board exam and if you achieve it then you call it a success.

It is something you get after your endless efforts and you also sacrifice a lot for it, because it is never easy to get anything in life you aspire for. There is competition all around you see to achieve something big in life and that big needs your attention and concentration to accomplish it there are no if’s or but’s if you want it, if and but are only your excuses which you are giving to yourself and others, but because of these excuses you being dishonest to yourself.

Now we all want to be successful in life and want to achieve whatever we set as a target. But as we know very few are able to achieve their aspiration.

There is something in which a successful person does it differently from an unsuccessful one.

I have done detailed research on this topic and in my life, I have experienced success like I got through IIT – JEE and Built a successful company and sold it.

From my experience and from all my learning I have figured out what all we need to be a successful individual, which means how to achieve our aspirations.

Before we proceed we have to understand one thing which is the major difference between any two individuals is the mindset. Most of us have 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 eyes, and all our body parts are the same the difference is only a different mindset which is a different skill, attitude, and character. So a successful individual also has a better mindset (skill, attitude, and character) than an unsuccessful individual.

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So to understand how to achieve success in your life I have mentioned all required qualities (which is a mindset(skill, attitude, and character)) here:

1. Successful people focus on what they can do, not what they will get-

One major difference between a successful individual and an unsuccessful individual is the successful individual focuses on what he or she can do or give. Let say if we want to achieve something now successful person focuses on what to do to achieve it but an unsuccessful individual majorly focuses on what he will get if he achieves it.

Because of this difference successful person devote more time to achieving it whereas an unsuccessful person wastes most of his time thinking about what will happen if he achieves it. This thought process of giving which is what I can give to achieve the target is called selflessness.

Selflessness is not about donating something selflessness is all about thinking about what I can give to achieve something. You can read selflessness in detail in this article: how to be selfless? Now once someone has a giving attitude he gets higher returns than those who have a taking attitude.

Find out the actual meaning of being selfless (altruist), the secret of selflessness (altruism)

I have mentioned this in detail in this article: 1 sure key to achieve success.

2. To answer how to achieve success in your life – you have to be disciplined

Now when most of us are targeting something they get easily distracted.

When you are on the way to attain your objective, this life will give you many obstacles and hurdles which may distract you from achieving your goal and can cause your failure which you may regret the whole of your life. So, you have to stand still when you are on something, take it as a mission in which you will not get your motive distracted from you and you will only follow the steps towards success.

We always have a lot of interesting things to do in life like playing, traveling, watching tv, gossiping, dancing, doing some work which we like, etc. Now in all this when we are trying to achieve our target we must not get distracted by these interesting things. The person who does not get distracted by these things has good self-discipline. If you want to learn self-discipline in detail then you can read this article: How to be self disciplined.


While seeking success, the first step towards achieving your goals is allocating your time to the things that can give you the best possible results. This you will learn in the self-discipline process in the above-mentioned article. You have to divide your time in such a manner that you get finished for your day-to-day objective also and you don’t feel any pressure also while working on it. Pressure will only create chaos in your head and make you lose interest in it and making you unsuccessful in it.

3. To answer how to achieve success in your life you must do what you are passionate about:

When you are deeply passionate about something, come what may, you will try to get it and surely accomplish it. Success requires your mind to be fully involved in things you are up to, with no confusion and doubts for yourself, so, for this talk to yourself and decides your goal, and start working on it.

To achieve success we must be ready to work for 14 hours a day. Now if your aspiration requires something which you don’t like then it is impossible to devote 14 hours. If you see all successful individual has followed their passion which means that they have worked on what they like. That is why for a successful person 14 hours of devotion is easy because they are enjoying it.

how to be confident build self confidence

We all must have a passion to improve ourselves to be a good human being which will happen by developing a good attitude in yourself. If you want to develop an attitude which will answer how to achieve success in your life then you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

4. We must compete with ourselves and not with others

Now one big difference between a successful and unsuccessful individual is the successful individual compete with himself. For example, let say you are a student now there are two ways to keep the target one is I must get 1st rank and the second is I must get 90% marks. Now successful people keep the target of getting 90% marks not of getting 1 st rank.

how to get rid of jealousy

Getting 1st rank is not something that is in your control. We must keep the target that pushes us to learn more and grow. We must not compare our results with others. Competing with others gives us jealousy and that decreases our standard. I have one article which you can read: How to get rid of jealousy.

5. To answer how to achieve success in your life you must have a good learning attitude:

To achieve anything we come across stuff that we don’t know. Now we have to learn to achieve our target. So one must have a keen interest in learning to become a successful individual. If you see all great individuals even at very old age they always try to learn something new. Even now bill gates read a lot of books every year!!

How to score good marks in exams

If you want to develop a learning attitude then you can watch this video: How to enjoy learning

6. To answer how to achieve success in your life -Successful people take responsibility for their action

If you have failed in any of your steps, do not just ignore it or avoid it, own it up. You need to consider your mistakes first if you want recognition for your success. When you own, your mistakes, you know where you have to correct or improve yourself and the next time when you do it, you will be more strong and confident to achieve it.

How positive thinking can increase your happiness and success in life

Successful people always try to improve themselves and own their failures whereas unsuccessful individual tries to blame others for their failures. If you want to learn how to take responsibility and be successful then watch this video: How to take responsibility and be successful.

7. To answer how to achieve success in your life – Successful people have confidence in themselves

Before getting on anything, you need to have that confidence in you, that you will surely achieve it.  This is very important for you to go ahead in the steps of success, even once if you lose confidence in yourself, you may lose on many things, so, it is very important to first believe in yourself and be confident for whatever you do.

how to be confident

Now to develop confidence you must have positive thinking. All confident individuals are positive thinkers. You can read this article: how to develop positive thinking. If you want to be confident then you can read: How to be confident.

8. To answer how to achieve success in your life – Success asks for hard work

It is very beautifully quoted by someone that ‘Hard work is the key to success. While talking about success, the first thing that strikes a person’s mind is hard work. Success doesn’t ask for engaging yourself in laborious tasks.  It demands to indulge, in tasks with strong willpower, and putting into it you’re all the hardships.

How to become a hard worker

Now many of us don’t know how to work hard. I have written one article on how to become hard worker you can read that. Hard work is one of the answers to how to become successful in your life.

9. To answer how to achieve success in your life – Successful people consider failure as a stepping stone

Most unsuccessful people have a fear of failure. They are not comfortable with failure. But to achieve success one has to fail many times and the bigger the target more will be the failures. Many people think that if we fail then people will laugh at us. This keeps them away from trying things.

Overcoming fear of failure

If you want to learn how to overcome failure and want to become successful then you can read this article: How to overcome fear of failure.

10. To answer how to achieve success in your life – Have strong will power, only depend on yourself and take strong decisions

You need to have strong willpower for achieving your goal, even if you fail at any task to your objective, your hopes should not dwindle even for once. You only can provide hope to yourself and nobody else can do it for you. Your brain will not work on it until you give yourself hope and confidence in doing it.

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free

When you are passionate about something, you do not need to depend on anybody for your work or to do your work, you yourself should be enough for your work. Taking advice from people is never wrong, you can take suggestions but totally depend on someone else is wrong. Take suggestions but do what you want to do.

When you make a decision for yourself, stay strong on it. Do not let anybody manipulate you or degrade you by criticizing your decision. People will strongly try influencing you because maybe they are jealous of your dedication nature but it is your work to act smartly and not listen to such people and not let your mind doubt your decision even for once.

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                   “When you will trust yourself and believe in your hard work, you will steps towards greater success in your life and for which nobody can stop you if you have the eagerness to do it very desperately.  If you stand firmly on your decisions, complete them, and then take a rest because after fixing something for you, there will be no stepping back. If you still step back, it may only lead to your failure and you will be left with just a wish that you could have accomplished it if you could have worked more hard on it”.

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                 “success never comes without failure, they are just a step towards climbing stairs but you should always remember for climbing all the stairs, failure is steps which you need to follow or go through to reach the top, if you try for shortcuts you may fall, go ahead following step by step and not in hurry without looking for any shortcuts. You may achieve one time if you choose a shortcut but you will surely fail for life, so you need to be careful will do it and if you really want your goal to be fulfilled, you should never ever look for short cuts to complete it, you will get it by your efforts and zeal”.

After reading how to achieve success in your life I am sure you would want to read How to remain tension free:

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