learning from saand ki aankh

Learning from saand Ki aankh

Learning from saand Ki aankh : “tann buddha hove hai, mann buddha nhi hota”

From an early age, females were meant to do household chores, taking care of children, farming, etc. and they were always demotivated by men. Always discriminated against and asked to stay at home, they were asked to stay quiet and if they try to say a word then beaten up by their husbands.

It’s bitter but its truth and truth is always bitter, these types of superstitions are still practiced in small villages of India, where women aren’t allowed to do what they want to, they have to cover their face in front of elders, farming, household chores and taking care of their children is their daily routine, in short, we can say they are still living in a male dominating society.

This movie “saand Ki aankh” is about two women prakashi tomor and chandro tomar who fought with their husbands to let their daughters fly and they initially get to know about their shooting skills and with the help of their instructor they participate in many competitions and won them, but they need to hide it from their husband as they didn’t allow them to go, we will come to know about them in the further reading because the best is about to come and there is a lot of great learning from saand ki aankh and some are as follow:

 In the first scene, people were laughing at what they were wearing a shit and a long skirt with their heads covered, they were pointing at them and saying how would they be winning in any case, those women from the small village weren’t allowed to come to the competition because they weren’t good in English or may they were backward as they weren’t wearing stylish clothes, etc.

Whatever the reason is we don’t have any right to laugh on anyone on any reason everyone deserves to be treated with respect and honor, and they both were around 60 years old so there was no point laughing at them.

 Then we also learned that we should not judge a book by its cover, shooting needs skills which they have and they proved it by winning gold and silver medal and beating the champion there, they proved people wrong, and those people have respect for them.

 In some scenes of the movie, females are dominated a lot by the men, elders, etc. in one scene, the villagers watching a movie on VCR which includes all children, women, men everybody, but women weren’t allowed to open their faces, they were asked to watch movies with their headcover with their dupattas’ when there was an advertisement for condom, women, and children were asked to go out, so if you feel and see any women tolerating this kind of torture then you should raise your voice and ask them to not do that and tell them about some modern practices.

 The movie also shows us some plots where men don’t work at all, they lay down and inhale hukkah’s and gossip, and women do everything, from farming to household work, when they asked to earn money by stitching they broke their stitching machine by throwing it and the eldest member of the family doesn’t allow her granddaughter to wear pants and t-shirt, as we all are aware that right to freedom is given to every Indian citizen.

And according to this nobody will tell us what to wear or whatnot, and just not about clothes, women have the right to work, to become independent and being their husband it’s their duty to help them achieve their aim, help them to grow.

 This movie taught us that we shouldn’t stop our girls from anything when a shooting trainer made a visit to sarpanch’s place, he told him that boys will be there and refused to send his girls as they are meant to do babysitting and taking care of the home, but it wasn’t true when chandro made a visit to his camp he nailed it by getting a bull’s eye aka saand ki aankh, this motivates the trainer and chandro that they are good, and she was happier that her girl was motivated.

She agreed to come to the practice for her daughter, as she wanted her to learn and get a government job for herself. Mothers are really god; they get what’s best for their daughters.

 Later when chandro was hurt, prakashi went there and then her daughter started to practice too, and then it all was started, the four of them with their trainer, were about to fly high, high, up in the air, and they did so, this taught us that when you are so determined to achieve something big in your life than no one can stop you from achieving one, they won a lot of competition and they were also invited as a guest of honor at maharani’s place who they met in the competition. Once you achieve something and people get to know you with your work, they addressed you with a lot of respect and honor.

 Last but not least when all came to know about their aim, they ask them not to do it and also burnt down their training area, but that doesn’t let them down, the trainer get an amount to have a good shooting school in the village and the little girls were selected to play on the international level, later one of them went to England and won the silver medal, those so-called males were ashamed on their doings and said sorry to them if people
respect you then you should respect them too and their life and their decision, their goals and treat women equally.

“mardangi jigar ya muche mein naa hove hai, mardangi jigar mein hove hai”

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