how to motivate kids in sports

How to motivate kids in sports ?

How to motivate kids in sports ?

“I have two doctors, my left leg and right” very well said that our legs are our only doctors which will help us to live a healthy life ahead.

“an apple a day keeps a doctor away” yes, it does but if you are locked in a room and not doing any physical work there then what is its use?

yes it makes sense that for living a healthy life we need to maintain our body by physical exercise, like jogging, outdoor games etc. but nowadays we never see anyone in park, no kid goes out to play hide and seek, badminton, cricket etc. this is one of the reason for gaining so much fat and being lazy all the time. Children’s are getting heart attack at a very young age due to excess fat. This is not their fault because they do what they see. If their parents aren’t taking them to park and worse giving them computer games, video games then it is quite natural that they wont be interested to go out and sweat their bodies.

You need to keep your kids active, if they are active then it is beneficial for them, Now a days schools also demand a good fitness report. Just climbing a slide and swinging on monkey bar will not keep your kid healthy. These are for temporary purpose and will not help them throughout their life. Kids must play outdoor games and make them as their hobby. Parents need to develop the love for physical activity in their kids as they are close to them and only they can help their child to enjoy all these activities.

Now before we look into how to motivate kids in sports lets talk about benefits of being active, fit and healthy:

  • Physical activities keep our muscles and bones strong, kids will never have to face any muscle pain which is so common and everybody gets it easily.
  • According to BMI many kids aren’t fit today, as some don’t have a perfect weight and some don’t have a perfect height which is a major problem as they are accumulating access fat day by day, which is affecting their body structure too. Exercise and and physical activity will be able to help them in maintaining proper body structure.
  • If kids will do some physical work then they will get tired and sleep well. Good sleep directly have a positive impact on the brain functioning.
  • Diabetes is a very common disease in kids now a days. Exercise and physical activities will help in controlling diabetes which would lead to healthy and long life.
  • When we do physical work it changes our outcome of life we think about things differently and it gives us a lot of positive energy. It helps us to stay focus and motivated and keeps all the negative thoughts away. When you go for a walk we feel so fresh and energetic all day long.
  • Exercise and physical activities help us to increase our will power. It also helps in improving the concentration and focus. “to maintain a good health is our duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

how to motivate kids in sports
how to motivate kids in sports

Now when there are so many benefits of playing sports then how to motivate kids in sports ?

  1. How to motivate kids in sports: Kids are always looking for fun activities and they get bore very easily. First thing which we need to do is to figure out the sports which they are interested in and that can only be done by trial and error.It can be more than one sports. We have to make sure that the activities should be age appropriate then only they will enjoy them.
  2. Next step would be to buy them those equipment and signing them up for sport academy or sports day in school. Yoga and swimming are two most important sports which everyone needs to learn and actively participate. One must know riding bicycle also as it is a basic necessity.
  3. Now to keep them motivated we must visit with them to their sports center and if possible play with them. We must also discuss about their game daily and make them watch the professional on television or computer. These all activities will motivate them to play more. Once we go deep into any thing we start liking it. This is what we need to do for our kids, go deep in every sports.
  4. If we as parents are interested in sports then our kids will automatically get interested. As all kids learn from their parent first and their source of motivation is also their parents. If you understand the concept of fitness then you will be able to find right activities for them.
  5. Now some kids want to pursue excellence in sports, while others are just fine with their perfectly fit body. This is perfectly fine. Everyone must be free to choose their career its just that while pursuing any career they must focus on their health and for that they must regularly play some sports.
  6. We must teach discipline to our kids and help them to make a proper routine. Fitness isn’t something which they will get on their own it requires hard work.With proper routine they will be able to devote time for sports and will be able to maintain their health well. It will help them to keep the doctor away.
  7. Help them to follow proper diet: “when it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no tomorrow.’ Tomorrow is a disease.” We must help our kids to follow a proper diet which is require to keep them health and proper diet also motivate kids to play more. Some food item make people lazy and some food item make us energetic. We must help our kids to choose right food item in their diet which would help them to motivate to play sports.

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Apply these tricks and i am sure you will get the answer of how to motivate kids in sports. All the great individuals like Yuvraj Singh, Serena Williams have very supportive parents and that is why they had done great with their life. If we want our kid to be star then we have to put efforts on making that happen.

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