How to live a simple life - 7 ways

How to become more approachable – 7 ways

how to become more approachable
how to become more approachable

How to become more approachable

Do you maintain distance with your kids?

Do you think that if you will speak positive about your material possession then other people will be impressed by you?  

Do you think that if you maintain a distance with your family members then they will be in discipline?  

At you work place do you think that i am boss so i must not listen to my subordinate that way they will respect me and do my work?  

If you have above mentioned thought process then you are completely messing up your family relationship and work place results. If you really want good for your family member and want to produce result at work place then make yourself approachable!  Learn how to become more approachable from this article.

You can see any great leader all were very approachable. Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela all are approachable individual. They were approachable and that’s why they were great leader and i have many examples where kids are more successful when they can easily approach to their parents for anything they want to.

Approach-ability of person completely depends on how they conduct themselves and very little on other people involved. Good approachable person can mingle up with all the individual.  All these approachable individual make other people feel comfortable with in their company. I will tell you 7 characteristic of approachable individual who can put other people at ease:  

How to become more approachable:

1. They think positive about other people and that’s why they like other people. because they think positive about other people they start caring for others and that make them warm and kind. Christian Bovver said “kindness is a language the dumb can speak and the deaf can hear and understand.  

2. They understand that all the people have different mind set. As all have read different book and met different people in life so they have have different views. As they know this they are comfortable with people who are even completely different from themselves. They consider difference as good because other can give good inputs to their mind and by that their mind will grow and that will help them to either solve difficult problem at work place and in family they can take better decision for the family growth.  

3. They are more mature as they have good control on their emotions. As they have good control on their emotions so they have consistency in mood. they will not react angryly either in very negative or in very positive situation. So people can go and share their situation or view point easily.  

4. As they can control their emotion so they have very good understanding of other people emotions also. So when someone is very positive or negative then they can understand that because of their goo understanding of emotions. This make them sensitive towards other people feelings because they can understand it better as they know how to control it. Because of this other people can easily go and speak to them because he can understand their feelings also.  

5. Approachable people understand themselves very well. what they are good at and what they are not good at. because of this if other person is telling them their weakness they can easily accept it because they agree to it internally it is not as a shock to them. They are honest about their abilities and shortcomings. other person can tell them what is real they need not to twist it so that other person like it because other person exactly know where he is. Approachable people can actually laugh on themselves because they know their weakness.

Chinese proverb : blessed are those who can laugh on themselves. they shall never cease to be amused. because they can admit their faults they don’t have a problem allowing other people to have fault of their own.  

6. They understand that every person is growing every day and while growing they do mistake and because of that they are fine asking for forgiveness if they do mistake and easily forgive other if other do mistake. this come only if they have very high confidence on themselves that they can grow themselves. they understand where they are and where they have to reach and they positively work toward reaching it that’s why they are fine asking for forgiveness and would want themselves to improve.  

7. As they know what they are good and and what they are not and they are very positive from inside about growing themselves so they feel completely secure in what they do. their expectation is just right because they know their capabilities. this make them secure with themselves.

If someone praise them then they know that they are good at that and they also know that they are not good at many things so they don’t get too much pride of it. as they understand their logical mind very well so their actions are as per their thought that make them very genuine individual. they don’t pretend to be someone they are not because that people do when they don’t know about themselves and they think that they are good in all the segments and they can be what ever they want but that’s not true.

To be perfect in everything one has to work a lot and some even not have don small amount of work on themselves and think they are good at everything.  People who are in authority must be approachable individual. bosses must take responsibility for being approachable to their employees. parents must make themselves approachable to their children’s and spouses must be approachable to each other.  

If you are approachable you will have richness, health, fun and relationship  Being approachable is big thing and always try to learn from people around yourself who are approachable and respect them.  That is why work on these qualities and get the answer of how to become more approachable.

Most of the people think that other person must think good about them just because they themselves don’t know what they are good at and what they are not good at. That is why they tend to think that they are good at everything and try to proves that from what they have and how they behave. They try to impress other but approachable person just try to express himself.  That’s why we say simplicity is not common !!!
How to become more approachable

I have learnt this from book “winning with people” by john maxwell. You can also order this book by clicking the link Winning with people 

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