Overthinking solution | Overthinking causes | 5 simple ways to stop overthing

Overthinking causes

Causes of overthinking
Overthinking causes | Overthinking problem | Causes of overthinking | Overthinking solution | Overthinking person

Our mind is peaceful when we don’t take anything personally. But what we are doing is taking the things which don’t matter and do not even exist. In relationships, there are too many misunderstandings among themselves which results in a break-up or a huge amount of depression, anxiety, and overthinking.

First, you have to do is to understand the conversation properly, what we are doing is we are replying not listening!! So this is the main cause for the fights in relationships and breakups shit etc… Try to listen to the conversation carefully so that you can get their point of view which omit yourself from those misunderstandings and breakup.

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Overthinking solution | Overthinking causes | 5 simple ways to stop overthing 1

Overthinking problems

Most of the problems that occur in today’s world are because of not listening to the words but we are pushing ourselves to reply. This is bad you don’t even get what they are saying about asap destroy the replying mindset and change it to listening. I don’t mistake you by telling only listen not reply. Listen and then reply,  After see you get a clear vision of their conversation and those mistakes will be destroyed by themselves.

Secondly is overthinking!! What is that?? And what it causes?? A simple explanation for overthinking is The thing that doesn’t exist or even happened will enter into your mind and make your mind torture. So what happens? It will destroy your presence and make you exhausted. So try to avoid overthinking by any monk style methods like doing meditation, yoga, and exercises.

Most suggested work the people must do first in the morning is to do an exercise or run, jog, etc. Because the toxic which inside our body get exhausted when you are in movement with your body by sweat… So you feel refreshed and start your day clearly without any distraction of mind… Problems occur in life yeah we have to accept it but the way you respond is the thing how you solve your problems…Why?? because if we react emotionally towards problems we only get affected which leads to depression and mind-related issues. Wait let’s explain with a real-time example

One day You are going to college or somewhere there is a person in your place who does chores among others on that day you are caught by the person then the person starts to chore on you, what most of the people did is get angered… Is this the correct way?? Nope, this way is not correct and you get insulted yourself more than they did.. What to do in that circumstances?? Be silent? No, just smile and give your word correctly.

For example, if they say Hey you fat boy how many chapattis you ate today 100 or 1000, the response from yourself is the First smile and say today I didn’t eat so if you don’t mind tell your dad to bring some food limited. That’s all the conversation ends or you feel calm of yourself from the mind, if you get angered it is more plus for themselves who did among you so try to avoid anger and respond in a thug way if it is not valuable also you get a peace in your mind that’s why its best to react like this. And here are some tips to overcome the habit of overthinking

Overthinking Solution

# 1) Stop Thinking Emotionally and Hurting By Yourself

Nowadays people are thinking about the incident which already happened(past) and mixing it in thoughts and get pressures on themselves, all the mistake is yours, ” the way you react is the way you get peace ” all must remember this, the one who has this word in their mind will never get hurt by mentally. So Practice the word and apply it to your real-life at first it is complicated but after few months of practice, you get notified by yourself…

” Overthinking Is like a movie Which executes the lie incidents and makes ourself believe those happened “

Overthinking solution | Overthinking causes | 5 simple ways to stop overthing 2

# 2)  Distract Yourself from Wasting Time Doing Nothing

This is the main cause for overthinking our brain is made to run the incidents which happen or going to happen continuously it depends on the mood to have good and bad thoughts if you do something valuable your mood improves and you have good thoughts but when you’re wasting time by simply sitting you will notice that bad thoughts occur which held in past… It is said to be overthinking.

Yeah because our mind does not know what’s going on so if you make it feel empty then those overthinking starts which affects your presence as well as your mood. so try to make yourself busy so you won’t be distracted by thoughts with incidents that ever happened.

” Wasted Money Will Get But The Time Won’t “

# 3)  Invest In Yourself

What does it mean? Nothing,  Keep upgrading yourself by not thinking something or someone who won’t matter for your life. Read Books And Hear Podcasts those overthinking will fly by itself until you keep yourself busy overthinking will not enter. So As much as possible Keep yourself on a mission those things which do not matter for your life will get fired by themselves. So invest Yourself in the best way to get a better life…

“Invest in yourself is the best rather than investing in the money”

                            – Warren Buffet

Overthinking solution | Overthinking causes | 5 simple ways to stop overthing 3
Overthinking causes | Overthinking problem | Causes of overthinking | Overthinking solution | Overthinking person

# 4) Set A Goal For Yourself

Life without Goals is like fish without water. Our Human Life is like travel we must have a destination to reach without destination where you go? Think if you don’t know then finally one thing appears!! Death !! That’s all your life… So fix a goal for your life achieve it as much as harder so before death, you get a satisfying life because you got what you think!!  Have a Goal, Work for it, Reach It, and enjoy the results…

” Only the goal gives meaning and satisfaction to life. It promotes health and gives you optimism in difficult times “

                           – Steve Jobs

# 5) Stop, Think, Stop

What it means?? Is it a way to avoid overthinking problem but how??

Yes, let’s see if your mind started thinking of something which does not even matters let it thinks don’t force yourself to avoid that if you do you cannot stop it… It increases even more. this is an exercise, First, we live the thoughts to run as much as possible then after few minutes suddenly give a comment Stop and take 5 breaths in and Breathe out Exercise then live like a normal. What do you get??

Have you noticed that you had no thoughts when you stopped your mind while practising breathing technique. Am I right? Yes, it is one of the methods to avoid overthinking. Practice it daily. You don’t get fast results but you surely get good results with time. This exercise is followed by monks so they always have a peaceful mind and calmness at heart..! And Meditation is a traditional way to avoid overthinking which is followed by Jain monks and even followed by Buddha.

Overthinking is common but the important thing is that we should be able have a command over our contiuous flow of thoughts. It is better to practise on action that needs to be taken rather than just sit and think. Thinking about past or future is not going to take us anywhere. Of course you should have a plan about future, but think about what you can do today about the future.

It is good to consider about past but take lessons not just memories or worries. Taking past experiences with us help tto solve our prsent confusions and even become a guide make the right decisions. The more you think, the more you are going to sink in thoughts. Being an overthinking person, you are just going to invite all problems in the world.

Practise above mentioned methods. Also, you can divert your mind by taking more actions or involving some other work rather than thinking. It is a hard way to come out of overthinking circle, but you can make yourself busier in the works that are in the primary preference. Or, you can develop new hobbies which keeps you busy and also active.

Overthinking is just going to burn your energy to the ground, so try to put a fullpoint to your infinite thoughts and begin walking towards actions.

Overthinking solution | Overthinking causes | 5 simple ways to stop overthing 4
Overthinking causes | Overthinking problem | Causes of overthinking | Overthinking solution | Overthinking person

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