Rohit Sharma "The HitMan"

Rohit Sharma “The HitMan”

4 Things to learn from “The Ro Hit Man” Rohit Sharma  

Hitman Rohit Sharma is popularly and aptly known as “RO HIT MAN” in the world cricket arena. He was the top scorer in the recently concluded World Cup 2019 demonstrating his skills and talent. He is one of the most fearful batsmen in the world cricket today and getting his wicket is considered as the most prized wicket for any bowler. He has achieved this feat with utmost hard work and grit.

There are many traits to his personality other than his determined batting skills which we can learn. He is an inspiration to many who wants to imbibe his batting skills but we should learn from his personality too.

Rohit Sharma "The HitMan"
Hitman Rohit Sharma qualities

“The Ro Hit Man” Rohit Sharma Qualities – LEADERSHIP:

He has been head of the realm of the IPL team – Mumbai Indians from the initiation. Mumbai Indians have earned the highest number of titles in IPL which in many ways can be credited to the leadership skills of Hitman Rohit Sharma. He has been the categorically single factor that made Mumbai Indians achieved this feat. He is also Vice-Captain of the Indian Cricket Team and has occasionally captained the national team in absence of Virat Kohli. Why did Mumbai Indians achieve such an invincible record? Hitman Rohit Sharma is a team man and motivates his team members and understands their strengths and weaknesses and out them to correct use in demanding situations.

Drawing parallels to life, in leadership position how do we handle our team? Do we have leadership skills like Hitman Rohit Sharma and take our team to a winning position. Despite knowing the strengths and weaknesses of our team we sometimes knowingly and unknowingly are not able to extract the best from our team and the team seems in disarray and unable to deliver. One needs to show confidence in the team and provide them a platform to deliver.

A good leader has to be approachable. His team member can reach out to them without any fear. They know that their leader will help them in solving all the problems. If you want to be approachable then you can watch this video How to be approachable.

“The Ro Hit Man” Rohit Sharma Qualities: LONG INNINGS – CONSISTENCY

Hitman Rohit Sharma scores BIG once he gets going. Alternatively, we can say that once he is on the pitch for long he never throws his wicket away. He is the only player to score three double centuries in ODIs where a batsman dreams of scoring at least one double century in his career. His sheer grit and determination to score BIG demonstrate his ability to be consistent dominate the proceedings. He completely dominates the opposition and all the strategies to get him out are thrown out of the window (or should I say park).

In real life, when routinely continue to work on the same thing over weeks, months and years are we master in that work. Sadly most of us are not, then why work on something day-in-day-out which we don’t enjoy. we are faced with the unfamiliar situation what do we do? Mostly we run away from the challenge mainly due to fear of failing. This is due to a lack of faith in our abilities and belief in ourselves to get up even if we fail. Life provides you ample opportunities but if you don’t take them as you are getting ready for the opportunity or scared to fail, then eventually opportunities will dry up.

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“The Ro Hit Man” Rohit Sharma Qualities: BE CALM

Hitman Rohit Sharma may not be comparable to captain cool MS Dhoni but he is also one of the calm players and with this ability, he is able to take accurate decisions. Due to his calm nature, he is able to think clearly and make decisions that are winning decisions for Mumbai Indians or Indian Team.

In life, when we are in a leadership position it is by default that we should be having a calm mind whatever be the situation. Calm’s mind provides us the clarity but in a pressure situation, we panic and lose the ability to think clearly. However, we must have a calm mind in extreme situations which will help us in thinking clearly and think a winning strategy.

Being calm is a very important personality of any individual. A calm individual is always positive and happy. If you want to learn how to be always calm, happy and positive then watch this.

“The Ro Hit Man” Rohit Sharma Qualities: TEAM PLAYER

Hitman Rohit Sharma is loved by his team members and that is very much evident with the off-field social media buzz. He is fun-loving and loves to prank with his teammates however after the birth of his daughter he spends more time with his family. However, he always loves to spend time with his teammates and understand them and guide them and motivate them. He has helped so many cricketers with their improved batting skills and personality

In real life, we all are a team player but how do we behave in our team/home? Do we help our teammates or our wife/mother in housing chores? We always have an excuse but instead this weekend just trying to help your wife/mother in the kitchen and you will be amazed by the response. On the professional front, try to change your image in your team by doing things that you never did for your teammates. They will appreciate and your perception will change for the better.  

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Hitman Rohit Sharma is a legend not only with his batting skills but also with his personality which is inspiring in many ways!!!

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I am sure I have missed many Rohit Sharma qualities I would want you to send me the qualities of Rohit Sharma through comment and I will incorporate it in this article.

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