virat kohli leadership qualities

Virat Kohli Leadership Qualities

5 Things to learn from VIRAT KOHLI. Virat Kohli qualities or qualities of Virat Kohli:

Virat Kohli is the name that has proved his mettle in the cricketing world through his sheer talent and attitude. Yesterday he got another feather in his cap by becoming the first player in the history to score 20,000 runs in a decade showing his consistency and HUNGRY FOR RUNS attitude. Virat Kohli has been respected not only by the Indian team members but his glory is respected across all the teams. He is the most competitive and fierce competitor for them but still gained respect due to his skills, talent, and winning attitude.

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Virat Kohli qualities or qualities of Virat Kohli

Apart from being a highly gifted and hard-working cricket player, there are few qualities of Virat Kohli which can be implemented by us in our real life:

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Virat Kohli qualities are he is very CONSISTENT:

Whenever Virat comes out to BAT, we expect that he will score BIG always. He has perfectly fitted in the BIG shoes of the “God of Cricket” – Sachin Tendulkar. To reach that stature one has to perform and perform consistently. Consistency is the key and that he has proved it with his numbers. Currently, he has the highest number of ODI centuries, highest runs, and run-rate for the games he has played. To get him out is considered a Match won for the opponents, such is his dominance and scoring consistency.

Drawing parallel to our life, whenever we step out of the house as professionals, we must go out with a winning attitude. The major difference between a Top performer and an Average performer is attitude. Virat has shown us the way and manner in which one should approach a game. For the working population like most of us, we have a match daily and pressure to perform. The Key is to be CONSISTENT every day in your work and behavior. For Homemakers, you are playing on your home turf and have a distinct advantage but you are playing a match versus yourself, so be CONSISTENT and play for bettering yourself every day – that’s the key to WINNING.

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Virat Kohli qualities are he is READY FOR CHALLENGE:

Virat Kohli loves to face tough bowlers and tough conditions and he cherishes that challenge and performs invariably every time. He takes on the challenge head-on and sails through all the strategies made by the opposition to get him out.

In real life, when we are faced with unfamiliar situations what do we do? Mostly we run away from the challenge mainly due to fear of failing. This is due to a lack of faith in our abilities and belief in ourselves to get up even if we fail. Life provides you ample opportunities but if you don’t take them because you are too busy getting ready for the opportunity or scared to fail then opportunities will dry up.

If you want to learn how to take responsibility and be successful like Virat Kohli then you can watch this video: Taking responsibility and be ready for challenges.

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Virat Kohli qualities are he is AGGRESSIVE:

Virat Kohli has taught us aggression with which you play the game. Never before did India got such a player who is expressing himself so openly. It’s his aggression that rubs on other players and they get motivated. His aggression is only towards the game and not the person. He knows when to draw a line and so I would say it is a CONTROLLED AGGRESSION.

In our life, professional or personal who is the most favored person, one who is aggressive. Look around you if you are not the most favored then probably you lack aggression in your work and life. Adding aggression to your personality shows you don’t hide emotions and we all know the power of emotions. Emotions, when expressed freely, will make you a better person, professionally and personally, believe me as I have experienced the same.

Aggression is one of the qualities of Virat Kohli which is not very common in many of the Indian cricket team members. This quality of Virat Kohli makes him very competitive.

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Virat Kohli qualities are he RESPECT SENIORS:

Virat Kohli has always respected all his seniors generally and MSD and Sachin Tendulkar in particular. When India won the 2011 world cup listen to the words he said about Sachin Tendulkar. This shows his respect towards the players and the legend of the game. Imagine when he walked into the Indian dressing room for the first time – the dressing room was filled with legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, Anil Kumble, and MSD. He must have learned so many things from them with each having certain unique skills and qualities

When we work in a team, there are seniors from whom we can learn a lot but due to our behavior or attitude, we tend to work on our own. Remember that a great leader will always respect his seniors and learn a great deal from them. Once, your senior back up for any work it shows you have got the required skills and talent for doing a job successfully.

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Virat Kohli qualities are he RESPECT his BODY:

Virat Kohli has not missed to date any major tournament because of his injuries. This shows how he has managed his body and worked on it. He works out regularly and has not had any cheat days in years. It is because of this dedication he is able to maintain his fitness and work on his batting skills

In our daily life how much we care about our body or fitness. Remember the famous quote “Your Body is the only place you have to live in”. We mostly neglect our health and fitness is very low on our priority list. We have lots of excuses to make and some genuine too but who is going to take care of your body, if not you. You cannot delegate this work, you have to do it yourself. Start taking your health and fitness seriously.

The qualities of Virat Kohli are many and I am sure I must not have mentioned all of them. If you can suggest any more qualities of Virat Kohli then you can post it in a comment and I will add it.

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After going through the qualities of Virat Kohli I am sure you would want to learn about the qualities of Sachin Tendulkar and here it is:

Thank you Virat Kohli for providing us with such great insights about life and keep playing and winning!!!

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