Fear of losing money

Fear of losing money: Of all the things that scare us, fear of losing money can seem like the most terrifying. It’s obvious that nobody likes losing money; we care for it as if it were our most precious asset, but we should understand on how that fear can affect our attitude. The fear of losing money is inevitable (for both poor and rich folks); It is not a fear of cowards, but a necessary fear. The bottom line is not about fear itself, what’s really interesting is how that fear affects us emotionally.

We all have lot of fear but i have found the most of the people have fear of losing money. What if i get cheated when i am purchasing something?
We all have lot of fear but i have found the most of the people have fear of losing money. What if i get cheated when i am purchasing something?

So how to overcome this fear of losing money?

  • Overcoming fear of losing business by Acknowledging Your Money Fears. Before we can change our money patterns, we must first become aware that we’re afraid. We often resist the things that we don’t want to accept which keeps them stuck in place. Acknowledging a fear is half battle won. This is the time when we really understand that we have some problem which we need to solve.
  • One of the best tricks to overcome your fear of losing money, is redefining the concept of failure. What is the meaning of failure for you? You can see it as a tragedy or as a learning experience; You can understand it as a sign to let your plans succeed, or you can view it as an inspiration to go even beyond your desires. Possibly you see failure as a punishment for your ambition, or perhaps you prefer to understand it as a new opportunity; You can also see it as a defeat, while others see it as a sign to start over but more experienced. This is the positive way of looking at the situation. we must not just thinking about the negative side we must look at the positive side of the situation. This make us feel energized and push us to work hard.
  • Economists have identified loss aversion as a major factor in financial decision-making, in that most people would rather avoid losing money than acquire more. The psychological impact of losing is thought to be twice as powerful as the pleasure of gaining. Don’t be afraid of losing money and never think in terms of poverty, because that is always followed by a large army of burdens, fears and apprehensions. Instead of thinking on how to have less loss we must think on how to earn more. This is again working on positive thing then pondering on negative.
  • Practice Self-Compassion: Most of the time we think of negative of ourselves that we are not good enough, we are not intelligent , we are not hard working and all these negative self talk creates fearful awareness, which leads to depression. We must love ourselves. We must say positive things to ourselves like if you will give more time to learn something then you will definitely learn it. Being compassionate toward ourselves is how we can create happiness and fulfillment. Once we love ourselves then only we can love others. Once we think that we have enough then only we will share with others. So in matter of money also either we must think that we have enough to live a healthy life or we must think that as i am hard working so i can really earn money. Never think that you can never earn money because your are not intelligent or not hard working or not lucky. Say positive things about you to yourself.
  • Be Compassionate Toward Others. Another way to move through fear of losing money is to focus on ways to serve others. In this world one get money by serving others so one must focus on serving others then focusing on what will they get. Once we start thinking on how can we help other which in return give us money is when we get money. This is how karma works. If we think that everyone in the world must have good money is when we will start attracting money.
  • Surrender to god. In this whole world we are very small creature and whatever is happening in this world is done by almighty god. He only give us thought, he only give us energy to work and as per his wish only results come. We are just doing what we have to do, result is anyway not in our control. So fear of losing money is just not right because gaining or losing is not in our control. We must work on whatever task is at hand and surrender to god for the result of the task. This way we will not have any fear of losing money. Learning how to surrender to truth is an ongoing journey. Letting go of ideas of knowing it all, seeing it all and figuring it out and just surrendering into god can allow us to let go of fear of losing money completely. Nothing compares to this level of peace of mind.

Change Your Perception. Perception is the gateway to tomorrow. What if you changed your view of the world so that uncertainty was seen as a gateway to possibility? What if loss was an opportunity for soul growth? What if the universe was always conspiring to support you? When you perceive the world this way, your courage will arise naturally and you’ll be prepared to face all of life’s challenges, including financial foibles.

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