good looks or good behavior

Why good behavior is more important than good looks?

Why good behavior is more important than good looks?

good looks or good behavior
good looks or good behavior

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadow will fall behind you”, very well said that we should always shine by our behavior and looks will always be the second option. People nowadays give more importance to their looks rather on their behavior, well, I don’t disagree on the part that your looks define you, yes they do but what matter is how you communicate with others, how you define yourself and they will judge you on your skills not on what you are wearing if your hairs aren’t combed and you carry a positive aroma around you they would love to talk to you and will always be in your company.

A person with a positive attitude that builds good behavior will always know how to handle a situation or taking responsibility for their action, it’s about finding solutions for their actions, and getting the things figured out. Whereas a person with just good looks will always try to get rid of the situation if he or she doesn’t carry a positive attitude. You have listened to this quote a lot of time in your lifespan “beauty with a brain” yes, people really get amazed with the people who have both beauty and brain and they want you in their life just to have a communication with you, to have a connection with you as it’s a rare combination.

If we have both good behavior and good looks then that’s the best. But if we have to select one among them then good behavior will have a lasting impact on others whereas good looks will have a short-lived impact. This video describes the impact of good behavior and a good look on other people beautifully have a look:
Why good behavior is more important than good looks?

“the most important thing you will always wear is your attitude” no one ever mention your looks in their conversation, but yes ! they will talk to others about how you handle situations, how you take interest in your work, how you give your opinion, and how you tell your point, they will
always keep these things in mind. For example: when you go for an interview, they will never judge you on your looks but they will have a look at your personality, your confidence, your attitude, your communication skills, your overall behavior, and at last they will give a look at your dressing sense.

It is important to look good, I totally agree because people will give a look at your clothes and they judge you and they will make an image of you in their mind but, to be honest, this is for once and for a very short duration. When they will come to know you as a person this will change if you carry a bad attitude or unhealthy behavior towards them. If you know how to dress up, how to put your liner on the mark they will get fond of you but they will start respecting you, they will admire you if you have good behavior which makes them feel good.

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Your attitude impacts everything, your thoughts, your energy, and most of all your actions you take for your life, have you ever heard of a person with a positive attitude towards life be in any kind of depression? or seeing any psychiatrist because he’s going through some problems and is not able to handle them on his own. Well! The answer is a big NO, NEVER because he doesn’t need anyone to take his life decisions because he himself is sorted enough to make a big decision for himself. And positive attitude build good behavior.

Why good behavior is more important than good looks? 1
Why good behavior is more important than good looks?

Your good behavior (by positive attitude) is useful when you interact with others and help them. When I am talking about expressing your attitude, I am not suggesting to wear glasses and ignoring the real world, I meant to face the world and to deal with real-life problems, and use your intelligence to deal with them. Most of the people around us don’t have good behavior but that is the test of our attitude.

Most of us try to get a positive attitude but it seems a bit hard when you are surrounded by negativity, if you want a good attitude then you really need to stay tuned and connected with yourself and don’t let that negativity sink in. If you are finding that difficult then roam around positive people, cultivate a positive environment around yourself, and make your own choices for what you want.

To develop a good attitude in yourself you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

For having good behavior, you don’t need to look good, these are the points which you need to keep in mind:

 How you speak your words, how people are taking your opinion and does it making any difference in their life, you need to be nice to the people and should take everyone equally, if you being nice to the people it will become a habit which makes you feel good, and will surely change your behavior.

 You need to have a routine, a routine which you will follow every day to get the important work done on time and will give you an hour for your “me time” in which you can read a book, take a nap, sit in silence and do the work which will give you peace of mind. If you find yourself stuck in a problem where you feel your behavior is going bad you can just do
the breathing exercise and it will help you clear your mind.

 You need to stop complaining about everything that pulling you back from your goal, complaint is a way of getting negative energy without even trying. So try to see positive in every people, every situation, every action, and every problem.

 You need to be curious about learning new things which come in your life, new ideas, your behavior will enhance as you are looking for something to enhance your ability.

 You need to laugh at everything which makes your day positive. Who doesn’t love to laugh? It is something that is great and keeps you shine every time.

Yes, it is more important to have a good attitude instead of good looks, it’s just a matter of time when people will realize it. Now, I would like to put my words in a nutshell and will end my article with “the most important thing you will ever wear is your attitude”, Jeff Moore.

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