happiness is a mindset

Happiness is a mindset

The 99 Club – Story about Happiness is a Mindset

Once upon a time, there was a king who never seemed to be happy in spite of all his wealth. He often wondered what was the reason for this. One morning he was strolling in the palace garden when he saw one of his servants singing cheerfully. The poor man looked very happy and content. Out of his curiosity, the king asked the servant the reason for his happiness. The servant replied saying that he earned enough to feed his family, had a roof on his head, and was able to keep his family happy.

Perplexed, the king called upon his favorite minister and asked him how a servant who could barely meet his expenses could be so happy while a king who could get whatever he desired was unhappy. The minister replied that the servant had not yet become a member of “The 99 Club”. Further, the minister advised the king to leave a bag of 99 gold coins just outside the servant’s house.

When the servant discovered the bag of gold coins, he was thrilled and started counting them. He was slightly puzzled as to why the bag contained only 99 gold coins and not 100 gold coins. He searched his entire backyard for that one missing gold coin and felt very upset about it. Finally, he decided that he would have to work harder to round off his total to 100 gold coins.

The next morning, the servant woke up in a grumpy mood, snapping at his wife and children for every small thing. He had spent most of his night wondering how he would earn enough money to buy that extra gold coin. At work, the king too noticed a drastic change in his behavior. So, he again summoned his minister and asked him to explain why the servant didn’t seem exceptionally happy after receiving 99 gold coins.

The minister answered that now the servant was part of The 99 Club. This is the name given to those people who are never happy and satisfied with whatever they have. They are always trying hard to earn the extra one to round off to a hundred.

The King realized his folly and decided that he would appreciate whatever he had and always be happy from that day onwards.

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Happiness is a mindset

Happiness is a mindset – Debrief:

We always equate HAPPINESS with MONEY. I know money is a very significant driver of living a comfortable life but by no means, is it the only tool to keep you happy.

We slog our entire life so that we can lead a comfortable life but, in the process, we forget to LIVE LIFE itself. The small things like playing with your children, spending time with your spouse, talking to your parents, and meeting your friends do not always cost money but they are always the SOURCE of HAPPINESS.

Most of us, try to find happiness outside or delay it by setting milestones that if I achieve certain things in life, I will be happy. Shouldn’t we be happy and be in gratitude that we already have a few things in life.

I am in no way saying that don’t be ambitious, what I am saying is that “Happiness is not a destination, it is a process”. If you don’t enjoy the process you will never enjoy the destination. I hope a few of you will relate to it!!!

Happiness is a mindset

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