How To Develop Listening Habits?

Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

In today’s High tech, Smart World Generation the communication skill plays a major role among human beings to ping others for their purposes. Without Communication, None of the things which we are going to do is impossible. So the major thing is communication we have to master it. Secondly Listening Skill, Most people fail in communication is because of not listening properly And they are just replying not listening so what happened ?? Misunderstanding arises which affects the relationships that lead to break among opposite genders.

Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

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This is the major reason for it. So from now on itself develop your listening skill while you are in communication so that the words they speak reach your ears and you have the clarity to give a similar answer,  which omits the misunderstandings… It is not only in relationships but also in your workplace.

Because you are working in a company your higher officials arranged a meeting for the company’s goals, on that time you are ready to be a listener from your higher officials because when you don’t listen what they said is not clear or even do not know the topic itself so when they suddenly asked a question you get pressurized by what to say, what they have spoken before, in which it will lead to getting bad impression and your co-workers will laugh at you. So want this type of name??

If not means then listen carefully and make the development of your listening has a habit. Next, if we are using smartphones then we have not to say that because we didn’t know what is happening around us then how are we able to listen right?? Yes, so what to do in that circumstances??

The simple way is to keep your phone away while others who are in communication with you Because it is not good manners right if our elders are speaking but we are not listening suddenly they felt bad and starts to scold you and other thing is we are not giving respect usually it means…

So try to get away from gadgets while speaking so that you get the clarity of what they are saying and easily you can understand when you are fully listening… Here are some major tips to enhance your listening habit.

Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

# Tip No 1

# Maintain Eye Contact

This is the furthermost reason for the failures in listening. People usually avoiding eye contact when they are in communication so their minds will get distracted while communicating which leads to misunderstanding or repetition of words.

So try to avoid this mistake as soon as possible in your childhood days itself because when you entered your adult age you must be aware of communication, because when those mistakes arise you get a bad impression among yourself from others even in your workplace…

As a childhood, there is someone to help our mistakes avoided but as adulthood, you must take care of your mistakes and take responsibility right?  Yep so the first thing you have to practice is to make eye contact at first it is a little bit tuff but don’t give up just practice it until it becomes your habit… And see you maintain eye contact which avoids most of the problems and you get a good impression from your opposite gender…

# Tip No 2

# Be an Open-Minded Person

Always be a person with open-minded. it is one of the best methods of communication because you can also get a clear vision of what you are saying and your opponent also understand you properly. It is best right? Go ahead but if you are not an open-minded person it is also no problem because we all are won’t same know… But make sure to explain it clearly so the opponent can understand your words…

But mostly I would suggest you is to tell what thought arises because when you keep the important thought which is must to say then you will suffer from anxiety or any sort of mind-related problems. So be performed to say what you think whether it is bad or good it won’t matter. And don’t think what others think of me if I say that…

Because you are not responsible for their thoughts so be an open-minded person tell what you think without struggle and have a clear vision among yourself…

Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

# Tip No 3

# Be The Last To Speak

Have you heard a fact that sheep arrive in a group while the Lion comes lonely but It is the king of jungle likewise is your speaking ability,  Words can be talked more but actions are once… How?? Yeah, let me explain you are in a group of friends all are planning a tour trip to Kerala on behalf you have a good knowledge and experience in that place or you know about the place thoroughly

But when all are speaking suddenly you are speaking thirdly they won’t get your point of view or not even interested to hear from you. So what happens you felt guilty that you have been insulted

Or have negative thoughts like they won’t undertake me as a member. So you what these type of thoughts?? If no means then stop speaking and here what are they saying after they stopped speaking

Start yours I will surely bet you they will listen to you and your words are like a lion which is attracted by your group members…

And they add your point of view and add actions.

            ” Last But Not Least “

Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

# Tip No 4

# If You Don’t Get What They Say Then Ask Him To Explain Again

Yes Absolutely!! Don’t hesitate to ask them if you are not reachable with their communication. There is no loss from your side if you ask them to explain it again… It will be easier to understand when you hear again and again so rather than not understanding it is better to ask again.. Surely it is also impressive for them because they felt that you had listened to him but can’t able to understand that’s all. Somebody thinks that if you

Ask them to explain again they would get rude.. It won’t matter what you want is to get what they said know ?? Then why do you think like that?… If unfortunately, they started to scold you for asking to repeat again .. tell them that I didn’t understand properly so why don’t you explain it is better for you to understand properly more than that know…

Then see they stopped scolding and explain again it is because of the humbleness that makes them feel like that and safer you from unwanted spokes.

Yes, am I right I think so? Yep so don’t be shy to ask them to explain it again so that you get a better understand of it…

I think those tips helped you now on itself if you apply it your real life without procastination. So Make a Listening Skill has Your Habit It will surely help you in a upcoming futures.

” Listen To Speak Not For Reply “

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Listening habit | Good listening habits | Listen first to understand | Good and bad listening habits | Ineffective listening habits.

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