how to motivate kids to study

How to motivate kids to study and how to handle them if they fail?

How to motivate kids to study and how to handle them if they fail?

how to motivate kids to study
how to motivate kids to study

“Marks are just numbers; they don’t let people to see your worth “

So, we are here to discuss the most disappointing topic which is marks for some this is everything and for some they are just numbers. Yes, this is the bitter truth of our life that everything is dependent on our marks like which subject you will get, which college you will get to study in, whether you would be allow to sit in a job interview or not etc.

Children are always scared of their marks, they are under pressure that if they will not get good marks they will be scolded at home, they will not get the best college, how will they face people. Yes, this sounds bad but it’s true. And this is one of the biggest reasons for depression, for mental issues which is happening to every child at a very early age.

As far as I know that most of the kids are scared that how will their relatives will react after knowing their marks and what they look is for a support by their parents, but what they get is completely different as instead of supporting they felt disgusted about their child for scoring less and make them feel humiliated in front of others .

If you think of yourself as a good parent then you should motivate your child to study hard, you need to tell him or her why is it important to study, to score good marks, you should tell them that life without any aim is useless, and one should live an ambitious life, make your child get an idea that what is the importance of getting good grades in exam.

We all know that marks are important but they are not everything. Many people are there who got great marks but are not doing that great in life and there are many people who were not good at studies but they are doing very good in life.

If you will try to give a thought that why do we go to school then you will find that mainly two reasons – first is to get skills like maths, science and other subjects and other is to develop a learning attitude so that we would want to learn more and understand things. Now there are students who just get good skills but their learning attitude is not upto the mark. They might get good marks but in career they might not do great because to build a great career one must have good learning attitude. They have to learn every day new things as the technological advacement is so fast. Now there are student who just focus on learning attitude but not focus on skills and they might be knowing a lot about subject but are not able to get good marks. These people also have good career but they lack discipline.

Obviously the best one focus on both good skills and good learning attitude. They do well in getting marks also and they do great in their career also.

As a parent our responsibility is to understand that where our kid lack is it skill (discipline) or learning attitude? Accordingly we must work on our kid.

So here are the tips on how to motivate kids to study :

  • We should guide our child on why they must study, what is the point of getting all the knowledge and how is it beneficial for him or her. If we are successful to make this thing clear for our child then it will help him or her to concentrate on their studies properly, they will try to give their hundred percent to let that happen, and will do it with their full potential 
  • We should always praise our child for things which make them feel best about themselves, which will help them to motivate them, they will not think they are useless and living a meaningless life, your praises give them motivation that yes whatever they do someone is always getting their back to motivate them. As when we are kids our parents use to say good! You are going great… This gives us a lot of happiness and we keep doing it just to get that done more perfectly, this is how we need to motivate our child.
  • We all are very busy with our work and nobody has time, but we need to give time to our child and need to tell them that no matter what we are always there to support them and to be with them. We need to ask them about their day and everything about their life, if something is bothering them, we need to make them believe that they can share anything with us, they have our full support.
  • Always be active at your child school, no need to avoid any parent-teacher meeting, this will make your child know that you’re concerned about them and always be in touch with their teachers. If anything, going wrong or disturbing the teacher, teacher will let you know. 
  • You need to have a good study corner for your child, a good environment which will help them study well, if you will party every time then how will they concentrate on study, they need to do their school work without any disturbance and interruption.
  • Along with what your child gets in school, try to give him some external knowledge, ask them to learn different languages and always update them with current affairs as most of the kids are unaware of what is happening in the world. Also ask them to do reasoning questions which is a better platform for them to enhance their brain, ask them to learn abacus which is also a good option for them to explore.
  • Last but not the least, a proper balanced diet which is very important for a child, if he or she is not having a proper balanced diet then they will not be able to concentrate properly. Make sure your child is getting all the vitamins and minerals properly, and a proper well nutritional diet. 
  • One good way to develop good learning attitude in kids is by asking “why” based questions to kids. Like why fan rotates, why can we see in dark etc this make kids to think and that way they develop learning attitude. They try to understand thing rather then just memorizing it.

Here are the tips on how to handle kids when they fail or get less marks:

  • If your child is working hard and he or she is still not getting marks they deserve then there is no need to be mad at them, at least they were trying and learning with a lot of dedication. Talk to them and try to understand where they are lacking.
  • If a child is not getting good marks after a lot of hard work that doesn’t mean he is dumb or anything, its just they are more into learning instead of just getting the higher marks. you just need to teach some discipline and give them the skills of writing exam. You can learn that through this video:
  • How to score good marks –
  • If kids get less marks or get fail then we have to stop making fun of them, by calling them failure, mad this makes a very bad impact on their mind, they feel like they are of no use, this makes them meaningless and they start losing hope for something good happen to them, if you really want to help then guide them how can they make things easy for them by remembering them for a long period of time, help them making a proper schedule, talk to them and know them better, what is disturbing them why aren’t they getting it, is everything ok ? , ask them, support them, after a failure all we look for a support instead of humiliation by all.

To develop good attitude in yourself you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

So, these are the tips which we as a parent need to keep in mind to motivate our kids to study and if they scoreless, he will still be the star of our eye and will always be our hero. This is what he looks for, and in return will give you the best result with all his potential.

Always let them know that,” there is no secret to success…” 

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how to motivate kids to study

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