How to respect your body or respecting your body

How to respect your body

How to respect your body or respecting your body

Respecting your body means that whatever body we have got is unique, different, and beautiful. It’s just that we need to keep it healthy and clean. We must respect what we have got from God and we must take proper care of it because God resides in it. Respecting our body means doing both we must not allow others to make fun of our body and we also must take proper care of it and must not exploit it.

Every individual is a blessing and so are our bodies. It is sacred and pure. Nobody has the right to exploit it not even you. It can be defined as a temple of God because it is god- gifted and we have to respect ourselves just the way we would want others to respect it. Regardless of what size and shape you are, you are beautiful because God resides in it.

It is crazy how our young children fall prey to body shaming and keep mum about it. They have to go through constant mental trauma and they seem to accept themselves the way they are being ‘named’. They consider themselves as ‘ugly’ or ‘unattractive’ because somebody labeled them so. This affects them in the long run. We may go uninitiated that some men and women stand by body positivity but may secretly be the bullies or may be subject to bullying.

We are all against dowry and domestic violence but it has just been increased in the wake of COVID -19. The intriguing part is that most of the cases go unreported. It hilarious how we shout at the top of our lungs and expect others to treat us with dignity when we let ourselves be treated like trash by others. So the question is, is it just about preaching and not practicing? The people who stoop others so low are the ones who need a reality check. They need to be slapped with the fact that they’re just arrogant about their looks, strength, or wealth.

Honestly, we require like-minded people who do not bow down to bullies and face them courageously. Okay, but then, the grass is not always greener on the other side, as in the bullies are not who they pretend to be. At times, they turn out like that due to them being subject to ragging or they pretend to display their strength on the meek because somebody much mightier than them use their strength on them. There can be ‘n’ number of reasons but it can be stated that the bullies try to vent out their frustration on others because of the demons they are struggling with.

Don’t you think it is unfair to oppress others just for pleasure? Yes, it isn’t. If a person whether being bullied for any reason not just body-shamed should report it to the higher authorities. Such incidents can take place in schools, colleges, and workplaces, and even at the bus stop.

Now let us focus more on body positivity. We have witnessed the craze about getting abs or a toned body just to look pretty. Work out not to look pretty but to keep yourself healthy and active.

There won’t be a single in this world, who wouldn’t wish to look good. Everybody wants to be like ‘so and so’. Taa- Daa! It is toxic, all right? This reminds me of a poem I learned in high school by ……. That states that beauty is transitory and the inner beauty of a person is permanent and lasts with us till we grow grey and old. This poem touched me and I ain’t saying this to produce a good blog but, it has taught me a lesson for a lifetime.

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This poem was enough to tell me that I need to work on making myself beautiful from within not by exterior beauty. Because someday I’ll have a face full of wrinkles and no matter what I do, it will display signs of aging but if I strive to be a good person, I will draw people towards me as well as I’ll go ahead and spread the same values which I picked up while growing.

I have one very nice story to explain what is a more important look or behavior. You can watch this video here: Better looks or a better attitude?

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Take a look at the few pointers on how to respect your body:

  • Acceptance: No matter how wealthy or beautiful you are, if you do not accept yourself the way you are then, you won’t be content. You will be a nag to the people around you and you will not be able to face the ones demonetizing you.

    We must be very confident about how do we look. We must always think that we are good looking after all beauty is in attitude. If you think you are beautiful others will automatically start believing in it. You can learn how to be confident here.
 How to respect your body or respecting your body
How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • Stop those who bully: when somebody pokes fun at the recent weight you gained during the vacation. Stop them right there, it is nobody’s concern whether you gain or you lose. It is your body and your call. Do not let anybody have a good laugh over your body. You need to stand your ground when you are being bullied and this can be done only if you value and respect your body.
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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • Values & morals: parents and family are our first school. Whatever we learn from them, we follow it for the rest of our lives. Similarly, if the parents encourage their child to name the plump ones as ‘fat cow’ or the lean ones as ‘bamboo sticks’. Then what morals are we giving them? if your child picks it up from school or the neighboring area, make it a point to correct them and set a good example to your kids so that you are not raising any future bullies.

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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • Meditation: practice meditation to keep your mind cool. You may hear nasty things about yourself and you may give them a piece of your mind. But we all know that we are human beings and we all have our breaking point. If we feel like weeping does it but hey! Meditate as well because it will help you to focus on the right things and handle negativity smartly.
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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • ‘Beauty mantra’: No! No! I ain’t a beauty guru but I practice this and so should you. When you look at yourself in the mirror, compliment yourself and say wow I’m so beautiful. It may sound silly but it will help you to raise your spirits. In short, you will be accepting yourself authentically and it does help you mentally. Do not forget to try this out at home.

    We must think positively about ourselves. If you want to develop positive thinking then you can read: How to develop positive thinking.
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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • Negative influence: we hear celebrities and beauty Mughals saying things like ‘be yourself and ‘be you’ while they have been constantly in and out of the cosmetic surgery clinics for Botox or face reshaping. The advice about being natural doesn’t sound well from a person who stuffs plastic in their face right? Hence, do not listen to their advice and if possible stop keeping tabs on them.

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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body
  • Watch out your peer groups: if your peers are asking you to look in a certain way or to be in a certain shape to be a perfect fit amongst them. Then it is time to say goodbye. Why? Because first thing first, they do not love you for who you are, they are insisting you change for their benefit, and third, they are just arrogant. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you for your talents and not the ones who judge you on your appearance. 

    We all must have good friends. If you want to learn the qualities of good friends then you can read the Qualities of good friends.
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How to respect your body – respect your body – respecting your body – how to respect my body – respect my body

We belong in a society where girls are supposed to be lean and women are supposed to carry extra weight, where boys are supposed to have a toned body while men are expected to have broad shoulders. The annoying part is, the neighboring aunty has a problem if you gain extra pounds. There is almost a rapid-fire round and you are in the hot seat. The guilty. For what? Because you are a girl and you are supposed to look ‘like a girl’.

Why are these standards set? And who has set these demeaning standards? People have lost their reasoning power and they channelize their negativity to point a finger at you. They do not realize that sometimes stress or disorder can lead to weight fluctuations. But people pass comments and stare at your body for something which is not their concern at all. So the next time, the neighboring aunty utters something about your weight, it’s time you tell her that it is your body and you get to decide what shape you love to be in. Do not let the age factor play its game because some people need a taste of their medicine. 

Thick or thin, plus size or curvy every shape is different yet wonderful. To all the people who body shame others, slow down for a while and put yourself in their shoes. You wouldn’t like it I’m sure. And if you believe karma then I guess you need to wait for your turn. And to all the gorgeous people of variant sizes out there. You are precious and wonder yourself. You do not believe me then you deserve to hear it from someone better.

 Because you’re amazing just the way you are, see Even Bruno mars agrees with me.

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