Learning from mardaani and mardaani 2

Learning from mardaani and mardaani 2

A female is accused every day physically or mentally, she is tortured by those jerks for the vagina and to satisfy their needs, they turn into a monster and rape a girl, molest her, humiliate her and what else, this not only destroys her self-esteem but her faith in humanity too.

This movie targets these kinds of torture on a girl and how a lady police officer saves them from those animals, from their torture and from beaten up by them every day.

The title of the movie “Mardaani” is so apt. as it conveys to a lady police officers as males are recognize as mard then what we will call a lady with so much strength and power so she is recognized as Mardaani, now what was her role in the movie, she is a crime investigator, Mardaani 1 revolves around a small girl around 13 or 14 years old, she was kidnapped and sold to foreigners for their lust, and drug dealing.

Now Mardaani 2 is about a rapist and a serial killer, who was a mad or mentally disturbed person who had an obsession for a self-dependent and smart girl.

So, let’s come to the movie and what we have learned from the Mardaani movie:

 Both the movies focus about the mishappening done with the girls around the world, and those were so common, a girl living in an orphanage was kidnapped and sold to a person who is involved in female trafficking, and not only her, there were other girls too, who are sold around the globe, some are used for parties and for drug dealing then they are raped by the guest of the party too.

This movie has some bold scenes which will fill your eyes with tears but we need to be strong enough to accept this harsh reality of this unsafe world. Now there is one thing which girls need to keep in mind that they need to be strong enough to face them alone, they need to make themselves fit and fine to rip their faces and to scratch their bodies.

 Now there is this rapist who has a problem with those girls who are focused and independent, who don’t need a man around them 24-7, who can raise their voice against wrong being done with them every day, basically he has a problem with smart girls.

So he traps them, rape them and beat them with his belt and kill them, this was his trend, it was so brutal that audience has some sort of anger inside them if you are focused for your goals then still there are few people out there to get you down, all you need to be smarter, and fool them by your trick s rather than being fooled by them.

 Every girl deserves respect whatever she is doing, where ever she is living, if she is doing work as an escort that doesn’t mean you have right to insult her or do anything with her without her consent, you need to beehive like a good guy and respect her in every context, similarly, those girls need to protect the lives of those little girls who are pushed in this swamp without any choices and are thrown to bed without any consent, at the age of playing with dolls and going to school, they are pressurized to have this
brutal sex with the man of around 40 or maybe 50.

 A girl needs to be brave enough like rani Mukherji aka Shivani Shivaji Roy to face those criminals and beat them Infront of the whole world using their own equipment’s, there should be no delaying in giving them a death sentence, as sometimes it is required to tackle situations according to you, in Mardaani 1 she killed him and which was definitely correct, it’s a bitter truth but yes politicians are corrupt here, and if a criminal, rapist have connections then they are free from imprisonment or death sentence.

Sometimes it is the need to take law in your own hands, I am not saying that killing a person is ok, it’s not it definitely not, but those rapist needs to be punished.

So, they are some points from these movies which I mentioned in my article, this is something serious and we have to focus on these points and have to find a solution to make this world a safe place for women, who are working late and thinking that every man is a rapist, there needs to be a world for women which doesn’t scare them to have a night walk, as we are talking about women so here is something about women of my dreams:

Woman of my dream is independent

She’s brave
She’s courageous
She’s active
She’s rich
She’s enjoying
She’s carefree
And she isn’t scared
Scared of molestation
Scared of getting raped
Scared of eve-teasing

Scared of being a girl in this new city …

City of rapist
City of criminals
City of jerks
City of wild humans
City where she’s unsafe
But yes, the woman of my dream is safe

This is our duty to make this place a safe and better place for woman, and stand united with every girl out there,

“Aaj Se Ab Se Aan Meri Main, Tumko Na Chhoone Doongi
Jaan Ko Chahe Chhalni Kardo, Maan Ko Na Chhoone Doongi
Chhoo Ke Dekho Dil Mera, Tumhein Dil Mein Apne Bhar Loongi
Par Chhed Ke Dekho Tum Mujhko, Main Tumko Nahin Chhodoongi”

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Article By: Sagun Jain

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