Happiness is inside not outside

Happiness is inside not outside

A simple way to be happy. Happiness is inside not outside.

Happiness is inside not outside
happiness is inside not outside

We human beings have 4 emotions happy, sad, bored, or peace. I am sure you are not happy or at peace all the time as many times you become either sad or bore!!! To all of us, happiness is what gossiping with a friend, eating good food, watching a good movie or serial, playing, traveling, sleeping, some time working also on something which interests you. 

But many times either we don’t have any fun activity around us and we are bored or we get exactly opposite of what we like like could not get tasty food, friend or family member said something negative or movie was not great or you lost while playing a game or you could not get good sleep or you are working on something which you don’t like. 

Now the problem is we have no control on what we will get !!! we can play but we have no control on our winning and losing, we can pay for food in the restaurant but we have no control on what would be its taste, we can do gossiping with a friend but we have no control on what they will say so we can just do activities and we don’t know how these activities will impact us whether in our favor or not !!! Now the only way to keep our self happy even when the results are not in our favor is thinking something positive in adverse situations.

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
happiness is inside not outside

For example, food is not as per our taste then think that good I got to taste new food today. If you lost one game think that wow I learned where I need to improve now. If your friend has said something negative then say that I will see that what he has said is really true or not and if he is right then wow I got something to work on.

So if we have some positive thoughts even when the results of our actions are not as per our intention then we will not be sad. So just make a list of things which has made you sad in last 6 month and write down some positive statement which you will say to yourself if that situation will arise again.

This is one of the simple ways to remain always happy. If you are not able to think of any positive statement for any of your situations then send me that point in a comment, I will revert to you with the positive statement which you can use.

Happiness is inside not outside 1
happiness is inside not outside

I have created one video on youtube which you can see here: How to be happy. Happiness is inside not outside.

If you want to learn more about this then you can read the book winning with people by John Maxwell. Here is the link where you can purchase Winning with people 

After reading happiness is inside not outside you can read: https://sudarshanpurohit.com/how-to-develop-positive-thinking/

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