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How to enjoy life

How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

how to remain tension free or how to remain stress free
How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

Enjoying life simply means that we are happy in life. Now life would have highs and lows, success and failure, abundance and scarcity etc now most of us is happy if things are as per them and not happy when things are not as per their wish. So to enjoy life completely one has to learn to be happy when things are not as per his or her wish.

I have written one short article on how to be happy when things are not as per our wish: Happiness in inside not outside. I am sure it will help you to understand how can we happy when things are not as per our wish.

Happiness is inside not outside
How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

Now Life is baggage of events, which has highs and lows. Sometimes you are happiest, sometimes you are in disdain. At times, you emerge victoriously and a couple of times you taste failures. But I guess, this is what sums up the meaning of ‘life’. Without having hit the rock-bottom how are you going to strive to come on top? If we have only one side of picture then it will be very boring. Only good things or only bad things will make life boring and uninteresting. A good movie is made when we have both hero and villain.

When a new-born baby enters the world, the parents visualise about the joy which the baby is going to bring into their lives. Not worrying even once about if their bundle of joy could turn out to be a ‘problem child’. And you know what, that is a very interesting thing to do. To surrender oneself to fate. Whatever happens, is inevitable. But, how we handle the situation and our approach towards the problem is what matters.

We must approach everything in life with positive attitude and accept it as god wish. Any way we can just work and result is not in our control so lets not set our happiness on result. You can learn how to develop positive thinking from this article.

Benefits of positive thinking
How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

We all have been through a phase in our lives when the positivism within us must have diminished completely. Yet, there was a tiny flame of hope burning in us which kept us pushing forward. This hope maybe our children, family, occupation and love. I swear by the phrase “there is light at the end of the tunnel’.

Regardless, how nerve-wracking or mentally exhausting scenario you are going through in your life. It has to end. And It will. When Life throws a curve ball at you. Learn to tackle it wisely. One shouldn’t mourn over something for quite a long time. Life is beautiful and it is up to each one of us to embrace the beauty of life. The depressing event may leave you gutted today, but it will just be one of the beautiful experiences of tomorrow.

Life is too limited to be whined about. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we enjoy this voyage of ups and downs. We have always been taught that after the dark clouds pass, it is time for the rainbow to appear and make things colourful and vivid. Similarly, enjoying one’s present is the best way to live life. Because what tomorrow holds for us is still wrapped up as a gift. It may be better than today or worse than that.

It is up to brave front and face the challenges of life.  You may win or lose yet, with every experience, you learn a lesson. A lesson for a lifetime. A lesson to save you from erroneous events. A lesson to improve yourself for the better. So you know what, even if you think that you are living a miserable life, or if you are suffering from heartbreak, or you cannot cope up with the loss of your beloved one. Remember, we all have been planted on this planet with a purpose. Get over your misery.

Meet new people and listen to their experiences of life. You will be perplexed knowing how they manage to stand so firm on the ground when they have a lot to complain about. Your heartbreak or your tiny problems will sound so silly in front of the troubles they have faced. You may have lost a single person close to you, but there will be people, who might have lost their entire family. I’m sure nobody would want to trade places with them right?

To learn from experiences on need to develop good learning attitude. So if you want to enjoy learning then watch this video: how to enjoy learning.

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How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

Hence, one should learn to be grateful to the little things they have. You are born as a normal child. Isn’t this something to be WOW about? Every morning when you wake up to be alive. Are you thankful to God for keeping you sound? See. That’s what we lack as humans. We are never content with what we have. We try to find flaws in everything, regardless of how perfect it may be.

The principles of enjoying life are very simple to learn from the past, embrace the present and worry a little less about the future. Focusing on the bitter experiences won’t help you at all. On the contrary rewinding, the bad memories will not only ruin your present but also your future. It will drive your peace of mind away and lead you into isolation.

In this body we just live once, let’s make it worth living.  Which reminds me of a quote which states that ‘troubles are like washing machine, they twist you and knock you down but in the end, you come out brighter and better than before.’ Dwelling on the past and stressing about the future will drain you completely instead take pleasure in the little things you have in life. Such as watching your children do clay moulding or reading the books lying at your desk or simply spending time with your loved ones.

A point which is worth taking down is that life is like a camera roll, not every picture may turn out good, some may be blurry, and some may turn out to be ‘perfect shots’. Not to mention, every picture has a unique memory to it, and the memory remains afresh till date. Each time you glance at those pictures it never fails to flash a smile on your face.

 If there is bad blood between you and somebody known to you, then, do not wait for the ‘right moment’ to make things right. Every day, every moment is a good opportunity to make things right. Sort things out, bury the hatchet, axe or whatever.

There have been instances where people have waited for the ‘ultimate right time’ or may have succumbed to their ego, waiting for the other person to approach and never got the chance to resolve the conflict. If you are one amongst those, who have been feeding on to their ego with an excuse like “why should I?’ then my lovely readers, let me tell you that life is too short to cling on to grudges.

Keeping in mind the fact that the future is unpredictable. Take, for instance, the on-going corona crisis, has left us in dismay, questioning about the future which awaits for us. This is a common thought which goes around in the back of everybody minds. But now, let me ask you, has worried over this issue contributed to tackling the deadly virus? No right! Above all, it has just left you depressed and anxious.

That is why it is necessary to keep yourself busy with your family. You believe you are lucky to have them right? Then, don’t just keep the belief to yourself, make them feel loved, take out the dusty board game, mess the kitchen up, it won’t cost you a fortune to be Gordon Ramsay for a day, paint the canvas which has been waiting to get drenched in those colours. Watch your wish list movies. Or endless episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The main point is to do what makes you happy.

If you want to learn how to build great relationship with family then you can read: how to develop healthy relationship.

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How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

When you are enjoying your life, you will experience an ocean of satisfaction and when you are satisfied, you will be healthy. You see how this cycle comes down to one thing. ENJOYMENT. I am emphasising on enjoying your life because that is what makes life intriguing. Every step you take, you need to engulf the joy in your surroundings.

If you are living a sad life then stop! It is high time you need to start making amends. Change your old ways. Try putting others before yourself. Join a local club or a community to grow in brotherhood. Be a part of somebody’s life. Be a giver. Share in their joys and sorrows. In this way, you will make new friends and you will add value to your life as well as somebody else’s.

If we are selfless which means that we think what we can give then thinking that what we can get then it add to positive karma. If you want to develop selflessness then you can read: How to develop selflessness.

power of giving
How to enjoy life or How to enjoy life to the fullest

You alone are responsible for the way you shape your life. It is like an avatar you choose, you get to decide whom you want to be, whether to stay happy or gloomy, to be optimistic or pessimist, to be a source of joy or sight of mess and the list goes on.

I have explained you the mindset which we must have to enjoy life. I do make videos also on growing attitude and character you can watch it on youtube:

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Let me just brief it to you:

  • Happiness is a mindset. We just have to learn how to be happy when things are not as per our wish
  • To understand the meaning of enjoyment we need sadness. So dont be bother about sadness, handle it positively.
  • Enjoying one’s present is the best way to live life. Dont focus too much on past or future.
  • Live life to learn and grow. In this life we will fail many time dont take failure as end just take it as stepping stone. Learn from it and move ahead.
  • The principles of enjoying life are very simple to learn from the past, embrace the present and worry a little less about the future.
  • Learn to take pleasure in little things you have in life. Like taking walk, playing with kids etc.
  • Everything which is happening good or bad is a memory for future and once you pass it you will laugh at those. So enjoy the experience
  • Let me tell you that life is too short to cling on to grudges. So forgive everyone and have healthy relationship with everyone around you.
  • Future is very uncertain so dont think about it much.
  • Results are not in our control we must just focus on what we can do. Surrender to fate !!
  • Always believe that there is a light at the end of tunnel !! Always believe that tough time will get over and good times will come back.
  • There are many other people who dont have what you have. So think about them and be happy.
  • Be thankful to god for what you have in life and learn to be content. Content means that you try to do great but you are fine with what you get.
  • Keep yourself busy with your family, enjoy your time with them.
  • Try putting others before yourself. Join a local club or a community to grow in brotherhood. Be a part of somebody’s life. Be a giver. Share in their joys and sorrows.

Now lets look into what action or activities we can do to enjoy our life:

  • Laugh a little extra,
  • Spend time travelling,
  • Learn something new every summer,
  • Go out into nature, and refresh yourself at the sight of the greenery and amazing fauna.
  • Take more chances because you never know which one could be your last chance.
  • Go on a vacation with your family and friends.
  • Try something which you were often hesitant about.
  • Take more risks.
  • Do things which you wouldn’t have done otherwise.
  • Make no room for complaints & regrets.

It may or may not be fun and that’s okay…because, it is always worth a try. So the next time, when you get the curveball flung at you, Stand firm, hold your ground, and do not retreat from the problems.

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 And above all, no matter where life lands you, do not forget one thing that every cloud has a silver lining. No dark phase can last forever. It is all in our head and in our hands to alter our lives the way we wish.

Keep that little flame of hope in you burning and you will witness a life full of contentment and happiness.

So now, let us make this as our motto of life and get the ‘camera’ rolling…

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If you want to add anything in how to enjoy life then you can comment me below.

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