How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money

How to do charity without money?

How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money

An act of charity can be performed on monetary as well as a non-monetary basis. As long as it is done for a selfless motive. Each one of us has been bestowed with some kind of assets or wealth. Even by giving the minuscule things, one can do charity. It never costs you a fortune to do good.

The wealth we have accumulated over the years wouldn’t matter when we are buried below the earth. The savings that we have gathered if shared with others won’t put you in immense losses. On the brighter side, you will be entitled to get 100 fold blessings. I’m sure you have heard about what goes around, comes around, and things like karma. That’s exactly what I am referring to. When we offer help to somebody, we are rewarded in this lifetime by the almighty. If you want to know all the benefits we get by doing selfless help then you can read Benefit of selflessness.

Besides, when we stretch out our hand and offer something, it gives us indefinite happiness. If you do not believe me, you can have a quick chat with the benefactors. It is easy to doubt somebody’s intentions, but if we put ourselves in their shoes, I’m sure we will find it tough to part ways with our belongings and wealth.

Yet, I would like to highlight those individuals who form organizations just to draw money out of people. They run scams in the name of Charity and NGO’s, these are the kind of people we need to be aware of.  If you come across any, then report them and if you are having second thoughts about donating to any organization, then first, study their background.

There are a bunch of foundations that are recognized in India who has dedicated themselves to the needy. Research well, so that you are relieved to know that the money or goods are being utilized to reduce the misery of the ‘unfortunates’.

To develop a good attitude in yourself, you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people. People who have a good attitude are more inclined to do charity.

It is not mandatory to donate in monetary terms every time. Even if you lend some extra clothes or a day’s meal then you have done your job. We live in a country where we worship Gods and Goddesses and offer eatables and milk to them as a part of the ritual.

Do you think God would appreciate our efforts to please him while humans are living in plight?  Then, why do we turn a deaf ear to the cries of the destitute? Religion is very important but Humanity should be at the apex. Because when we behave considerably towards our fellow brethren God will be pleased by our gestures more than the incense sticks or candles we offer.

Here are some quick measures by which one can do charity without money:

  • How to do charity without money? – Non- monetary items: Give away your extra clothes or the old bedsheets which are no longer in use. You may not need them and choose to dump it somewhere or maybe waiting to get make some money by selling it. But instead, you could donate it to the needy. They will not only be pleased with the minute gesture but will also be grateful to you.
How to do charity without money? 1
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • How to do charity without money? – Volunteer at NGO: Try volunteering at the nearby NGO. It will keep you active as well as you will be a source of delight to somebody. Parents should willingly send their kids to being a part of NGO’s. You will be thankful for having taken my advice because the people who have done it seem to have never had the slightest regret.
How to do charity without money? 2
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • How to do charity without money? – Utilize your talents: If you are good at studies or you are practicing medicine or just good at anything you do. Put those talents to use. Offer to teach the underprivileged kids, or lend your support to them in any form. Your talents are not just for you. They are meant to be put to use especially for others from it.

    Umm… and if some of you are wondering that I’m just a writer or a painter, how can I be of any help to them? Then let me know if you’re a writer your words are enough to expose the bitter reality they are living in. If you are a painter then depict their misery and let the world be a part of their sufferings. I can’t pen down each profession and talent and correspond the way it can be utilized.

    The point is, everybody is blessed with talents and we can surely bring about some positive change in society.
How to do charity without money? 3
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • How to do charity without money? – Food distribution: We all want to throw a lavish party for our 21st birthday in a pompous way. Have we ever pondered about what happens to the leftover food? None of us would want to store it for the next day neither can we ask the caterers to take it back. We prefer trashing it in the garbage cans rather than giving it to the poor. They are straining to get a decent meal per day to forget about the mouth-watering dishes which is next to impossible for them.

    I suggest that the next time you have an exuberant party, make it a point to offer some to the ones on the pavement or the ones in Charity homes. Mind you, the ‘homies’ whom you invite to the party will not appreciate the food as much as these people. Do it once and trust me, you will do it every year without being persuaded.
 How to do charity without money or  how to help charities without donating money
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • How to do charity without money? – Spend time with them: In your leisure time, slam that book or the video game on the sofa of course. And get yourself out of the house to spend time at an orphanage or an old age home. You can ask your friend to accompany you. The people residing in these homes are longing for human interaction, be it the kids or the old folks. They want to be shown love and care. They have been denied by their close ones. You can be their source of joy by doing so.

    You can play some games with them, do some fun activities and click pictures. The pictures clicked by you can be utilized to start some kind of revolution or to throw light on the state they are living in. One bonus point is that there is no fear of judgment because they are too sweet for that.
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • How to do charity without money? – Join the movement: If there is some news about a movement being started for the rights of the destitute or orphans. Do thorough research about it Please support it, because there are many people to throw stones at when something good is being done but very few to back up the good work. Hence, do not be the one to criticize but be the person to appreciate. Besides, to appreciate someone is also a good habit.
How to do charity without money? 4
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money
  • Promote Good NGO’s through social media: We all use social media daily. We can promote good NGO’s through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and Linkedin. You can motivate others also to contribute to good NGO’s. You can share some pics of these NGO’s and these pics can motivate your friends and your relatives. If you do any activity with these NGO’s you can share your pictures.

  • How to do charity without money? – Donate Blood: Blood donation is good charity work. Whenever someone in need of blood they will be able to use it. And donating blood helps in maintaining cholesterol and it has many other health benefits. So it is beneficial in both ways.
How to do charity without money? 5
How to do charity without money or how to help charities without donating money

Some individuals donate to NGO’s without selfish motive and some contribute to be hailed. They want to be recognized for their good work. If one is donating, do it to lessen somebody’s misery and not to earn fame out of it. They want to be labeled for the donation they do. I mean it is already clear that the person is donating because he doesn’t want to be filed with heavy taxes.

Let this case be just an example, because if you are doing so then, even if you donate, you won’t feel the immense satisfaction. When a genuine person does it with a selfless motive he can experience an ocean of contentment, which the other won’t.

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Several foundations have been started to eradicate poverty and give a better life to the lower sections of society. They need our backing, they need our positivity to go ahead. But all they get is the title of running ‘money rackets’.

We are no naïve Kids from the ‘Mughal e Azam’ generation, we are the kids who know to handle a pacifier as well as to operate a smartphone. If you sense any shady activity by the NGO’s then try to reach the core before busting them. We have the internet at our fingertips. Great way to expose right?

We need to peek in our conscience and ask is it that simple to run an NGO? No, it isn’t. And if somebody is taking the initiative then be a part of the movement and if you cannot support them then at least do not tarnish their image. If we are the generation of smart kids then let’s act like it. Make the optimum use of technology with a blend of your talents to reach out to the one in need.

Start a movement yourself, call out to the people to extend help to the poor. Dig about any government schemes which are present and not being used for the right purpose. The youth are the pillars of our country they say, now is the time to rattle the foundation and carry forward the dream of Dr Ambedkar. The country and the government needs a wakeup call. Toh ho jaaye?

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So the next time, you think dumping the cookies because the flavor is your least favorite or when your mother insists you for another bite, take it because you know the reality now. Give a thought about the ones who are toiling for it. What is useless to you is a luxury to them.   

As per Karma is we do any donation selflessly we get more in return. I have one wonderful story for that:

Once one poor person reached out to a saint and said BABAJI I am very poor what is the reason?

Saint said: You are poor because you have not learned to give!

The poor person asked: How can I have when I don’t have anything?

Saint reverted: Who said you don’t have anything? Your hands can help someone in need, your face can give smile, your mouth can praise someone and can make someone feel good and you say you don’t have anything to give? Those who give are entitled to receive.

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