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How to be energetic all day long

How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person

Life is a magical journey. It is filled with vividness and wonders at each step. When we are living, we need to find joy in the tiniest of molecules around us. There is no point in leading a sorrowful life. Joy and sorrow are like the two sides of a seesaw. When one rises, the other one disappears but we are always hopeful that no phase is going to last longer than the other. Be it a bad phase or the good one.

What makes life worth living is positive energy in our surroundings. In the absence of this energy, everything seems awful and discolored. Take a peek at your conscience and ask yourself. Do I have this positive energy? Or is it the negative energy that is leading me on? To make things concrete I would resemble the positive energy with an optimist and the negative energy with a pessimist. An optimist person finds positivity even in a dreadful situation while a pessimist human looks up for faults in perfection.

Take, for instance, the corona crisis has kept us on the edge of our sits, with no clue about the near future. An optimistic person will use this opportunity to do something productive and be thankful to God for being alive while a pessimistic person will complain about the things he is missing upon and whine and whine. Recently, when the lockdown was imposed most of the educational institutions opted for the online means of studying. There were masses of students who hailed their institutions. Sadly, there were quite a few who complained about the online classes not being the replica of brick and motor classes.

The above facts state that we all have some sort of energy in us, but we need to identify what type it is, whether it is beneficial or not, it is positive energy or negative. Nobody wants to engulf themselves in negative energy. Because mind you, it does not do any good. It is harmful to you as well as your peers and family. You end up being a nag and an idol of annoyance. Now I am not pointing out at the people who State facts regardless of the consequences. You are just helping people by peeling off the information but, I am against those who twist the information and add their final touch to it.

We all need positive vibes around us. If you have it, share it with your friends, family, and the entire world. The world is filled with negative people and there is so much evil going on. If you ever get the slightest opportunity to bring a wave of positivity into somebody’s life then go for it.

I have a YouTube Channel also where I post a video on attitude and character and you can subscribe to it through This will help you to keep positive vibes around you and you will remain energetic.

The above paragraph emphasizes psychological energy and now coming back to physical energy. This generation needs it more because they lack energy. There are very few kids who play during their recess time unlike the kids in the olden generation who would run around stomping the plants and breaking the vases on the campus (which is not a good thing) but we can’t deny their energy levels were above the roof.

My Gosh! Similarly, nowadays we barely see children and teens playing outside during their leisure time, they are glued to the digital screens swiping their favorite cartoon or playing some video game. They have forgotten the sense of human importance as well as they tend to get tired very soon.

In olden times, the kids would wait for the clock to struck 4 pm so that they could zoom past the front door. They had so many games on their minds and they were healthy and never tired despite sweating profusely.  

The 21st generation prefers everything digital, the kids learn to operate the phone even before they utter a single word. They complain about being tired after having walked for 10 minutes. They are so dependent on vehicles and technology that their health is deteriorating.

Mental health plays a passive role in keeping up the energy boosters. We may not realize it but it always has been responsible for any changes in our bodies.

Being energetic makes you feel like you’ve lived the longest. I’ll tell you how there are people who are in their 20’s and all they care about is that they are about to get grey hair sooner and they forget to live their youthful period. On the contrary, there are people in their 50’s who do not bother about their inching retirement and opt for Zumba classes. You see now why they say, age is just a number. It is the energy that keeps you alive. One should be zealous to sustain on this ship of life. Lack of zeal and your ship might sink or it may just stay afloat but you will miss out on the fun part.

If you always stress about the happenings around you and stick to anxiety and sadness. Then you are a sight of gloominess. On the contrary, if you are full of energy and up on your toes to do something fun, then you are a sight not just to look at but to stare at. Imagine your everyday life lagging energy, there is neither hope nor any motivation to go forward. You are just lifeless without it. When you are running out of energy (I don’t mean stamina by that) thank Heavens for the teacher or your parents to raise your spirits. They try to instigate you to not lose hope and do better every time.

As discussed there are two energy centers one is physical energy and the other one is mental energy. Physical energy comes from a healthy lifestyle and the mental energy source is the emotional mind. To be energetic all day long we must work on both the energy levels – physical and mental. Many people are physically fit but they have negative thought processes and others are mentally fit but lack physical energy.

Now to question is how to be energetic all day long? Here are 6 ways to stay energetic all the time:

How to be energetic all day long physically:

  • How to be energetic? – Listen to music: Many of you, would agree with me that music helps in winding up from the bad day at school or the workplace. It assists you in staying calm and keeps boredom at bay. Try to listen to slow music after calling it a day because the other forms of music are just going to make you more cranky and sluggish.

  • How to be energetic? – Work-out: make it a point to work out at least 15- 20 minutes a day. It can be yoga or simply a walk. Your body needs to have some sort of movement. Researchers say it is a habit every adult should add up in their routine for a healthy and longer life span. Besides, it helps you to stay focussed and in shape. You can select one sport also which you play regularly. Playing sports keeps us fit and energetic all day. If we stay at home or in the office all day long then we become lazy and will not feel energetic. It impacts our work also.
How to be energetic all day long 1
How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Healthy eating: We often feel tired or sleepy due to the junk food intake in our bodies. The sugary drinks and fried eatables mess up with your hormones which has a direct impact on your behavior and mood swings.  Because of which your energy levels are gone for a toss as it drops down. Hence, reducing junk foods is the best solution to it and adopt a healthy eating habit. Include nuts, cereals, vegetables, and fruits in your diet. This will boost your energy and keep you active. You can add more protein-rich food to your diet to feel energetic. Food high in fats and which has high calories will make you dull and lazy.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Go on a picnic and keep it anti electronic: Going out for a picnic can prove rejuvenating. It should be held at a water park or something which involves nature. And most importantly, do not forget to keep it an anti-electronic zone. Do it once and you will feel the difference? Nature has the power to heal and trust me you will feel the energy sinking in you. Doing the same work, again and again, makes us feel lazy. We must take a break at least once in 2 weeks. When we go out and take fresh air and be with nature (tree, plants, lake, etc) we intake a lot of energy. This would make us an energetic person.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Hobbies: It is often said that a hobby is a key to relaxation. Regardless of what your hobby is, dance, playing music, reading, writing, painting, etc. it will benefit you to stay energized physically as well as mentally. It will also keep the boredom bug away and occupy your mind with something creative and positive. And prevents you from overthinking and getting negative thoughts.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person

How to be energetic all day long mentally:

I have stressed this earlier as well as how it is important to lead a healthy life. When we are mentally healthy, we can come up with ideas and creativity like no other. When we are mentally healthy, we are mentally present and energized to take up any task and achieve the pinnacle of success.

To develop a good attitude in yourself which will help you to become an energetic individual, you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

  • How to be energetic? – Positive thinking: Most of the negative energy is because of negative thoughts. We think negatively about some person or some situation or someone’s action or some material things. Whenever we think negatively our energy level decreases. So whenever we get negative thought we should learn to change it to positive. If you want to learn this you can read: How to develop positive thinking.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Selfless thinking: When we become too selfish and greedy then also we lose energy. When we think that we must get something then we get fear of what if we don’t get it. Now selfless thinking just means that we must think about what we can give rather than what we will get. If you want to develop selfless thinking then you can read: How to be selfless?
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Be confident: Many times we lower our self-esteem by thinking that we can not achieve our goals in life. This also has a negative impact on our energy levels. We feel low in energy whenever we are not confident. I have written one article on how to be confident which you can read.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • How to be energetic? – Keep yourself cool and tension-free: Tension takes away all our energy. We must know how to keep ourselves tension free. There is a way through which we can achieve that. You can read it: How to remain tension free?
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • Be Fearless: Many of us don’t do what we really want to just because of fear. And when they do what they don’t like then they lack energy. One must know how to overcome fear. You can read it and become fearless: How to overcome fear.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person
  • Don’t compare yourself with others: MAny people have most of the things to live a healthy life but still, they feel a lack of energy because they compare themselves with others. This makes them feel low and lacks energy. We must learn how to get rid of jealousy. You can read this article: How to get rid of jealousy.
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How to be energetic all day long or How to be an energetic person

We need to realize that the attributes to stay energetic comes from within. We alone are responsible for motivating ourselves. You can read how to motivate yourself also. Not every time, we may get that push from our elders to go ahead, not every time we may get the backing of our peers, sometimes we need to be our heroes. Often, we have to prepare ourselves for the challenges. We have been blessed with a sound mind, let’s utilize it to raise our hopes, to raise our spirits, and to dream bigger.

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One can research ways to be energetic and 100 ways might pop up but the one which helps, is staying mentally fit. I would like to conclude by saying this, you have come this far on your own, do not let anything demotivate you. The tough times are meant to make you stronger and the gleeful moments are meant to keep the positive energy in you alive. Do not let anything die out the flame of energy in you. Because what is life without energy?

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