How to overcome fear of failure in exam, exams fear, fear of exams

How to overcome fear of failure in exam

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Most of the students have fear of exams. Exams fear is very common but no one teaches us how to overcome fear of failure in exam. After reading this article i am sure your fear of failing exams will go away. 

How to overcome fear of failure in exam, exams fear, fear of exam
How to overcome fear of failure in exam, exams fear, fear of exams

Exams !!! Its a small word to spell but big enough to leave students with sleepless nights. When students hear this word they usually forget all the hard work they have been doing the whole year. It really brings terror to one’s mind. But WHY? Why is it so? Thanks to reasons like peer and parental pressure, parent’s expectations and never decreasing competition.

The fear of failing exams or scoring less leads to unwanted stress and anxiety. In this article you would find helpful tips, which would help you to understand how to overcome fear of failure in exam. Make sure that you read the whole article and implement on the tips mentioned here. You can connect me through my professional network on linkedin also here is the link :

Before we look into how to overcome fear of failure in exam lets look at the reasons why one has exams fear- 

1. One has fear of exams because of Lack of preparation : This is one of the main reasons that brings fear into the minds of students when exams are on their head. This mostly affects to those students who were not active in classes or to those who were not taught properly. There are some students who do not understand the things in one go. And I feel teachers should pay more attention on such and should treat every student equally.

2. Other reason for fear of exams is Family Pressure : I believe everything comes from the home initially. I feel parents pressurize their child for better academic performance. And that pressure students are not able to take, they face fear like ” If I fail or doesn’t score good my parents would kill me or I must score 100% otherwise I am worthless”. The pressure from the illiterate parents is more as compared to the literate one’s. I have written one article on how to build healthy relationship in family.

3. Another reason for fear of exams is Peer Pressure : This has grown in students mind from past few years. Competition in peers is causing so much pressure on students mind. Parents, teachers or even relatives all are competitive in giving examples of other students. They are like ‘ XYZ ‘ got this much marks you have to score more than him/ her any how. They tend to compare their children with others. This leads to stress and anxiety in students mind and it becomes difficult for him/ her to cope up with the expectations of their parents. I have written one article on how to stop comparing with others?

So, these can be few reasons why students get nervous when they listen the word exams or why they fear failing exams or scoring less marks. But these are the things which are happening with everyone around with every age group student. But few among them succeed, it’s because they fight they don’t give up. They know how to overcome fear of failure in exam.

One must never give up in life. If you want to develop this attitude then you can read: how to develop never die attitude. They fight with their stress and if one have a question in their mind how? You can visit my Facebook page also where i post motivation text and videos regularly :

Then there are some tips for you on how to overcome fear of failure in exam: SOME TIPS FOR REDUCING STRESS / ANXIETY GENERATED BY FEAR OF EXAMS:

1. Student should make a proper time table like which subjects you want to cover each day and stick to it. You must do proper planning before the exam begins. Do not leave revision for the last minute. 

2. Make notes and blueprint of the subjects. Because it is easier for students to revise from them. 

3. If you are an early riser than you must do most of your studying before lunch or if you have a habit of getting up late at night than you must study at later half of the day, but still should go to bed at proper time to get enough sleep which is required. 

4. You should answer questions from past year question papers this really gives an idea about the pattern of the paper. And its kind of a rehearsal before the exam. 

5. If you feel that you are not able to concentrate while preparing it could be because of tiredness, hunger, or just boredom. Take a break of 10 to 15 minutes and then come back. Small breaks really helps to refresh up the mind.

6. Never hesitate to ask for help from teachers and friends if you don’t understand something. They are always there to help you. 

7. You should always take out some time for exercise, walk, cycling, or even dancing. This really helps to get rid of stress in your body. 

8. Have a balanced diet. This helps you as it keeps the energy on point and you would not feel restless throughout the day.

9. A shower of a bath is always helpful to get relief from stress. 

10. Throughout the exam preparation time it is very important to be positive. It is already known fact that optimistic nature always help one to succeed in life. Positive thoughts keep away negativity. Don’t let others demotivate you. Believe in yourselves. We must say positive statement to us like i have already done my preparation. I have got good marks in previous examination. I have revised my course already. So do positive self talk it will boost your confidence.

11. Understand that you will get marks as per your preparation so dont bother about result which is anyway not in your control just focus on preparation.

12. Give mock exam papers at home with proper time limit it will enhance your confidence.

13. Talk to your friend who is positive dont talk to negative friends.

I have one good suggestion for you to develop good attitude in yourself which would definitely help you in overcoming stress, you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people . These were few points which would really help you to get rid of stress.

The point was to increase your level of preparedness. The better you prepare for exam, the more your  confidence grows. The more confident you become , the less of exams fear you will encounter.

These points just explained what you should do before the day of exam. Then comes the day for which you have been preparing for so long.


1.Wake up and start your day early. This would help one to avoid last minute rush. You would get enough time to eat, get ready and leave for the exam in calm and relaxed manner.  

2. Try to avoid last minute preparation, I feel it is not too productive and helpful, it just confuses you and leaves you in stress. 

3. Now when teacher says , ” Put your notes away. Its time for the exam.” As your teacher places the test paper on your table, your mind goes blank. You feel you don’t remember anything. Right? You get panic. Its Ok! Its not a big deal, this mostly happens with all of us. But one should know how to face it. Take deep breaths three to four times this would really help. Do positive self talk that i have done enough preparation let me write it what ever i know.

4. If seeing a question one gets freeze then they should move to the difficult one later. Do not waste time on questions which you are not comfortable with. Attend them at last if time is left. 

5. And very important point after the completion of paper revise the paper thoroughly. 

1. Try to avoid hanging around with friends after the exam. There is no need to know how other people have given their exams. You’ve done your best and you can’t go back. This should be the thing in your head.  2. Also give yourself a pat on your back on attempting the exam so gracefully. Then relax. 

When the day arrives, when results are to be shown, always remember that scoring low marks or failing an exam is not the end of the world. As your result doesn’t decide that you are the loser or not, your determination, hard work and not giving up attitude decides that.

I have a YouTube Channel where i create videos on growing attitude and character and you can subscribe it through : There is a beautiful quote which says ” Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better”. If you scored well don’t forget to give yourself a treat, this is what you deserve. You need to feel happy about it. And enjoy it. 

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If you have any input on how to overcome fear of failure in exam then you can mention that in comment. I will definitely add it to the article.

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