Qualities of rafael nadal

Qualities of Rafael Nadal “King of clay”:

Qualities of Rafael Nadal “King of clay”:

Even you are a tennis fan or not, you definitely have heard about Rafael Nadal:

Rafael Nadal is definitely one of the best tennis players of today’s generation. He has got so many records, which very few can even dream of.

Here are the some best qualities of Rafael Nadal which we should definitely follow in our life:

1. Humility: Each competition he played, he demanded he wasn’t the most favorite, and each time he lost, he would not make excuses.  

He is very aggressive on the court but outside the court, he is a very humble guy. Rafael Nadal is like a statue of humility. The way in which he conducts himself makes him so humble.

When he won the US Open by defeating Federer, an anchor asked him whether he is better than Federer and he answers that he had a very long way to become as good as Federer.

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2. Hard work: As we all know that everyone says that there is no substitute for hard work and the story of Rafael Nadal proves that. He was not a god gifted child but with the help of hard work, he could achieve his dreams.  By this, it is clear that God has not gifted everyone but that does not mean that we can not think big, with the help of hard work we can achieve anything in our life.

During the off-season, Rafael Nadal trains six days a week for six-and-a-half hours every day.

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3. Respect for his opponents: Nadal never underestimates his opponents and that is something everyone should learn from him.

No matter who is his opponent. Rafael Nadal always respects his opponents. Even after defeating Federer several times, Rafael Nadal still calls him the best. Rafael Nadal respects his opponents irrespective of their stature or rank.

When he was about to face Fognini, Rafael Nadal said of the then 32nd seed that,

“He is a big, talented player. He is a tough opponent for everybody when he is playing well”.

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4. Loyalty and family values: Another thing that most people should learn from him is loyalty. More than anything else Rafael Nadal is a very loyal person. In this age where most of the tennis stars have famous coaches, Rafael Nadal is someone who has remained fiercely loyal to his childhood coach and his uncle, Toni Nadal. Rafael Nadal’s respect for his family values is also something that sets him apart. Even, after all,  he has achieved he prefers to stay in his hometown with his family.

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5. Beating the odds: Nadal loves proving the critics wrong. Every time he had been dismissed, he came back stronger. People said that Rafael Nadal’s form was temporary but he has been at the top of his game for almost a decade now. When it comes to beating the odds, Rafael Nadal is a genius.

This is something that everyone should learn from him.

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6. Fighting spirit: His fighting spirit is simply amazing. Rafael Nadal’s career has been plagued by many serious injuries. People thought that his knee injury, which kept him out for over 7 months, would make him slower. But instead, Rafael Nadal came back and won both U.S.Open and the French Open.

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7. Making no excuses: Another admirable quality of this guy is that he never makes excuses. Every time he is defeated or is going through a difficult phase, Rafael Nadal would never make any excuse and would always acknowledge that he did not play well.

Never would you see him blaming the court or the lights or anything else for his defeat.

This is a quality that sets him apart and makes him a true role model.

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8. Making new techniques: If you want to know the secret behind his prolonged success then it is the way Rafael Nadal has kept re-inventing himself. Throughout his career Rafael Nadal has kept changing his style, increasing his array of shots and developing new ways to outsmart the opponents.

Rafael Nadal shows you that if you want to be successful for a longer period then you need to keep re-inventing yourself.

We must all work on ourselves and keep improving ourselves. This would only happen if we have a good learning attitude. Learn from this video on how to develop good learning attitude.

9. He is a champion guy: He is the perfect role model not because he just has all these qualities but because these qualities have made him the champion he is today. Rafael Nadal has won everything there is to be won and that makes him a person everybody should look up to.

Rafael Nadal has defeated some of the most decorated players in the game. He has numerous records to his name and most of them are almost unbreakable.

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10.  Tenacity: For Rafael Nadal, hard work and tenacity go hand in hand. His tenacity in the court is quite unbelievable. He runs after every ball and retrieves shots that people would dismiss as irretrievable.

His tenacity is amazing and something every youngster should try.

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In this article, we see how with the help of these qualities Rafael Nadal is able to become one of the greatest tennis players so we have to adopt these qualities in our life and become as successful as Rafael Nadal in our respective fields.

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I am sure I must have missed many of his wonderful qualities so please mention the quality which I have missed in the comment. I will add it to the post.

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