Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

Aamir khan qualities

Qualities Of Aamir Khan or Aamir khan qualities:

You may hate him, you may love him, but you can’t ignore the fact the Aamir Khan is the only one among the celebrated big Khans of Bollywood who actually doesn’t take his audience for granted.

Time and again, this little master of Bollywood belted out gripping performances in script oriented cinema with hard work, and, sheer skills that had left us no choice but to appreciate him only. On his 51st birthday, let’s see why Aamir Khan is called Mr. Perfectionist.

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Here Is The List Of Qualities Of Aamir Khan or Aamir khan qualities:

1. Taking India To The Oscars:

When Ashutosh Gowarikar’s brilliant script had no takers, Aamir Khan stepped up to produce the Oscar-nominated cinema. With one move, he had already proved that he had a vision that most actors fall short of. The epic tale of Bhuvan and his mates in Champaner trying to fight the British at a cricket match to get laid off the heavy taxation was a plot that nobody dared to venture with.

Not only did he take up the responsibility of such a large scale production, but he also pulled off the role of the fearless village simpleton, Bhuvan with such seamlessness that we forgot it was Aamir Khan – just the way it should be. Doesn’t matter if it didn’t win the Oscar because it had won Indian cinema forever.

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2. Passionate Towards His Work:

Unlike others in Bollywood who run for the money, Aamir Khan makes sure that he acts in masterpieces irrespective of money. Right from the start of his acting career, Aamir Khan remained in touch with theatres and critics. Dhobighat and Peepli Live are noticeable works in which we can see his passion for acting instead of making money from films.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

3. Versatile Actor:

We have seen Aamir Khan in diverse roles in movies. From a college-going lad in 3 Idiots to the on-screen father of young wrestlers in Dangal. From a modern billionaire in Ghajini to an alien in PK! Just name a role and Aamir Khan is there to act.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

4. You don’t need to be a gym rat to play a cop role:

If you have seen Sarfarosh, you’d agree that unlike most mainstream actors in Bollywood, Aamir Khan didn’t need to look like a puffed up bag of a protein shake to bring out the fierce, intense Ajay Singh Rathod in him. You take an honest hardworking man, destroy the happiness of his family and then have him denied justice, you’d know the amount of fight a dog of his size could have.

That’s exactly what Aamir Khan portrayed in this brilliantly shot action thriller by John Matthew Matthan and it was one of finest cop movies to have ever been made in India.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

5. Aamir Khan Take Care Of His Audience:

This is legendary. When Aamir Khan is in a script session, which usually goes on for many hours at a time, he is known to react to the script like a lay viewer would – he laughs and cries, applauds, and raises his brows in a question – just like the average Indian spectator would. He reacts to the script. And he agrees to do a film only when he knows that his fans would love it too, and not just because he likes a meaty role or because he is partial to a certain producer.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

6. Perfect Judgement:

When newbie director Abhinay Deo locked the final edit of the Hinglish film, Delhi Belly, Aamir wasn’t very happy. The fact that the film had content, the kind of which had never been seen in Indian films for the longest time, made the producer nervous. But instead of going with the director’s edit, Aamir Khan put the film on hold for the longest time. Because he knew what the film could be if it was edited the way he thought it should be.

But instead of firing the director and taking on the reigns himself, Aamir Khan took his team into confidence and asked them to rework the film, as he paid his attention to releasing his two other home productions, Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

7. True Dedication Towards His Work:

When Aamir Khan finally decided to make his television debut, many years after his contemporaries like Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, with an issue-based show – called Satyamev Jayate – Aamir Khan made sure that he co-produced the show so that he would have creative control over it. Not just that, the actor also personally toured many remote parts of India talking to people about their problems, ensuring that these stories were told in his show.

So much is Aamir Khan focused on the TV show that he did not think twice about postponing two releases in order to devote his full energy to the show. Which another Bollywood star would do such a thing?

To be sure, Aamir’s film producers are confident that the actor will give his single-minded attention to their films when he is done with the TV show. Hence, they readily agreed.

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Aamir khan qualities 1
Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

8. He Brought Reality In TV Shows:

With the success of Amitabh Bachan’s Kaun Banega Crorepati, almost every big and small actors in the industry jumped on the bandwagon of hosting game shows and have their own reality game shows. However, Aamir Khan, who could have easily signed on for an easy job as a game show host chose to do something different. In May 2012, Aamir Khan was seen hosting the much-awaited talk show, Satyameva Jayate. This was not a show that relied on celebrities gyrating in pompous sets to generate TRP.

It was about the social concerns of India that needed to be addressed quite badly. It dealt with the ugly truth and as expected, the show faced trouble, opposition, and legal battles as well.

Aamir khan has an awesome winning attitude. He gives his 100% to win in whatever he does. If you want to develop a winning attitude then you can read: How to develop a winning attitude.

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Aamir khan qualities or qualities of Aamir khan

Conclusion about Aamir Khan qualities:

In this article, we talked about Aamir khan, we also talked about the qualities of Aamir khan. So what are you waiting for? Go and try to opt for these traits in your daily life to become as successful as Aamir khan and achieve every goal in your life.

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