How to always respond positively?

How to always respond positively?

Most of us want to take revenge from the person who has done wrong with us very few are actually unaffected by criticism and always respond positively. If you want to learn how can we be composed even when we face criticism, negativity and accusation then read this article. 

If someone say us something negative or do something wrong with us then naturally we want to take revenge. Biologically we have negative neuron for someones wrong saying and wrong doing and that negative thought get mixed with our energy and we become negative. So we want to react equally negatively or even worse then what other has done to us. Very few are able to keep themselves positive and treat other better then they treated them. 

Now if we react worse then what other has treated us then damage the relationship and repel others from us!!! If we react the same way they treated us then we neither drive them away and nor attract them too. If we treat other as they have treated us then our behavior become dependent on other person behavior. Actually in this situation other people set the agenda for our lives because if they behave positive we are positive if they behave negative we are negative. Our happiness and sadness depend on other person. 

When we treat other better then they treat us then we create positive relationship and attract other people. When we do this then we are not effected by negative people and go in the direction which we want to go without being impacted by other people !!!

How to always respond positively
How to always respond positively

Obviously when we are able to keep our self positive and treat others better then they have treated us then we will have better relationship with others, we will attract other people, we will have higher success in life as we will be able to execute what we want.

Now i will explain you how can we change our self so that we will start treating others better then they have treated us. 5 ways to learn to respond positively:

1. We must always have one positive thought in mind which is its not action its response which make the difference or “its not what happen to you but what happen in you really matters”. When ever someone send negative energy if we can say this positive thought to our self then we will be able to keep ourselves positive.
We have to make a decision that we have to think only positive thought and even if some is sending negative energy we dont have to react negatively because our reaction is in our control and that we will always respond positively. 
David Brinkley said “a successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with bricks other have thrown at him” we can use other people negative thought as our test to check whether we are able to keep us positive all the time or not !!!
2. We must repeat this positive statement more often so that 9 out of 10 time we must be able to respond positively !!! i am sure 3-4 times out of 10 anyway we will be reacting positively but most of the time if we respond positively then we will create momentum,. this become our habit and behavior. Other people will start noticing it and that creates momentum of positivism around us. This positive environment help us to have great relationship everywhere and huge success at work!!
3. We have to understand that we all are human and we all have negative neurons in our mind and because of that no one is perfect !!!
When we have this thought in our mind then whenever someone react negatively we tend to forgive them because we understand that getting negative is very common phenomenon of human being !!! When we understand that we also do mistakes many time and consider ourselves as work in progress toward improving our self then it will be easy for us to accept other person mistakes and we will be able to think that other people also are growing themselves.
4. Many a times a thought come in our mind that if we will always respond positively and treat other better then they treated us then other people will not respect us or other will look superior then us or we will look like a weak individual. 
Actually choosing to respond positively is a higher mind set. One who can respond positively in negative situation is no doubt better mentally then other who react negatively. This most of us dont understand because most of the people around us are negative !!! But you see all successful people know very well what it means to be positive in negative situation. Lower mindset people may tell you that you are weak or he disrespected you or he is superior then you but wise people will always admire your revert!!!
 To respond positively we have to work on our logical mind to make strong neurons and that is not being victim of a negative situation it is just that we have chosen to serve other well by reacting positively.
5. One most common thought come in our mind than most of the people around us are not treating other better then other have treated them,  then why i must put so much effort to be grow myself. One common traits of all the successful individuals are that they make excellence as their goal. People at top always try to grow themselves everyday.

They follow following thoughts:

Care more than other think wise

Risk more than other think is safe 

Dream more than other think is practical

Expect more than other think is possible

Work more than other think is necessary !!!
When we think that we have to be perfect then when other treat us badly we forgive them easily by thinking that we have to be perfect what ever the situation is. Other person can be shaken up by negativity but as i want to be perfect i cant afford to lose my temper !!!

When we treat other better then they treated us most of the time it means that we have very good control on our thought. We can keep our self positive in most of the situation this help us to remain happy most of the time which have direct impact on health. We will have great relationship with other as we always treat them better. We see more success financially because we can take better decisions by thinking positively so overall we are able to bring out best of ourselves !!!

Just not we are able to bring best from ourselves, we bring out best from others also. When someone else is negative by speaking positive statements we can make them come out of negativity which will help them also perform better in life. 

So guys work on improving yourself so that you are able to treat other better then they treated you.

To make you understand let say your parents or spouse scold you. Now one obvious response is you start speaking to them harshly and end up fighting. Other response would be that you understand that they have become negative as they could not control themselves and as its not the action its response which will make the difference so i would respond positively. Than you have given smile and help them to cool down. Either you have used positive statements to handle the situation or didnt respond at all in that time as you didnt find that appropriate. By doing this you will not be seen as weak you are more stronger because you could control yourself. And you do that regularly in your family even if others around you are not following it because you want to make yourself perfect. Actually the good part is by seeing your positive behavior other people will automatically become positive. 
So to summarize we have to practice 5 things:

  1. Think of good positive statement which you can use when other person treat you badly.
  2. Use this positive statement again and again so that it become your behavior.
  3. Develop an understanding that getting negative is very common and everyone has to work on themselves to make positive neurons.
  4. As we are treating other in positive manner it does not mean that we are weak it actually mean that we are strong mentally.
  5. As we want to be perfect, i will treat all people better then they treated me even if other people are not following this.

Guy get this change in yourself and you will be highly successful, happy, healthy and will have great relationship with everyone.

How to always respond positively? 1
How to always respond positively

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