Qualities of akshay kumar

Qualities of Akshay Kumar

Qualities of Akshay Kumar :

As we all know Bollywood has so many gems, one of them is everybody’s favorite Akshay Kumar. He is a versatile actor and a famous personality. He is a very genuine person in real and reel life both. He had sacrificed a lot to reach where he is today. Akshay Kumar made his debut in the industry in 1991 with the movie “Deedar” and his first appearance as a lead was in the film “Saugandh“. But the actual movie which made him hit, put him on the top of Bollywood was his suspense -thriller ‘Khiladi‘.

It has been known that acting was never a dream of Akshay Kumar, it all just happened by coincidence when he missed his flight for an ad-shoot and ended up getting signed for a lead role the same day.

He has always shown interest in sports and other physical activities, although his academic was not up to the mark level, his sports performances have always been brilliant. He dropped out and went to Bangkok to learn martial arts. Being in Bangkok was not an easy task. Akshay worked as a chef and waiter there for his survival. He learned the Muay Thai technique of martial arts. After getting back from there, he started teaching martial arts to students in India.

In the end, when he decided to choose modeling as a career, he ended up becoming a star in Bollywood.

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Akshay Kumar is the only actor who takes up every challenge courageously and performs his own stunts in movies. Also, he became the highest-paid actor in 2015 according to Forbes. He surpassed Dwayne Johnson, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp in terms of earnings. Akshay Kumar is a truly dedicated actor in whatever field he steps into. He does 3-4 movies per year, while other actors satisfy themselves in doing 1-2 movies a year. In 2013, he became the first actor to earn Rs. 2000 crore in his lifetime.

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Here is the list of some best qualities of Akshay Kumar which we should adopt in our daily life to achieve success:

1. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Real action hero: When other actors fear to do stunts and use stunt doubles, Akshay Kumar justifies his roles, performing his own stunts.No matter how dangerous the action scene, he can do it, in one shot. This is the reason he is tagged as “Khiladi Kumar“. No one can forget his 160 feet jump from the edge of the cliff in 8*10 Tasveer or jumping off an airplane, after it is a thousand feet up in the air, onto a hot air balloon, all in one shot. He is admired not only by local people but by Bollywood stars too.

2. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Responsible citizen of India: He is a responsible and dedicated citizen of India. He is the highest tax-paying actor in the industry. In 2013, Akshay became Mumbai’s top advance taxpayer for the sixth consecutive year, beating all Khans and Kapoors of the industry. He deposited a tax of Rs. 19 Crore in 2013. He also helped the drought-hit farmers by donating Rs. 90 Lakhs for their help.

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3. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Responsible Husband And Dad: The couple first met during the shoot interview for the Filmfare magazine and fell in love with each other during the shooting of “International Khiladi“. Akshay and Twinkle have a well-formed relationship of 15 years. They did have some bad experiences in their relationship, but it happens. Twinkle left acting after marriage and works as an interior decorator now. Whenever Twinkle is at work Akshay babysits at home. Akshay and Twinkle, both are so supportive of each other and they call each other their reason for being successful.

Akshay has inked his son Aarav’s name on the back, his wife’s name above his ear, his daughter Nitara’s name on his left shoulder.

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4. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Hard Work: Akshay was not a silver spoon child. He does not even have any previous relations in the industry. He has faced a lot of ups and downs in his career. His story is a rag to riches kind of story, from the streets of Chandni Chowk to being a chef of Bangkok, from teaching martial arts to becoming one of the highest-paid stars of the world. He is an inspiration for all young people who want to build their dreams.

He was called a failure by his critics, but he knew that success is the only option he envisions. He tried and reached where he actually belonged. He never lost hope. His success does not comprise of awards, but the number of hearts he has won is what his actual success means.

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5. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – All-Rounder: If we dig deep into his career, we can see that he has been a versatile actor throughout his career. Social, commercial, patriotic, romantic, action, etc… he has covered all the genres of movies and did a fabulous job to date, and still, he is working with utmost dedication and patience. He has done it all. His recent movie “toilet-Ek Prem Katha” has been appreciated by Bill Gates. His movies like “Gabbar”, “Airlift”, “Baby”  will touch your heart and make you feel like a proud Indian.

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Akshay does not only stick to big production houses and big producers, but he has also worked with all producers whether they are big or small. He has also worked with new directors, took risks in movies like- “Special 26” and “Rustom“. Akshay never chooses an occasion for the release of his movies, unlike others. To develop a good attitude in yourself you can read one famous book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

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6. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Fitness freak: He is the fittest or what we can say the fittest guy of industry. He does not take any chances when it comes to his health. Once in a show he was asked to perform 100 push-ups, he did 200. Akshay Kumar is an early bird. He starts his day at 5:30 AM and ends his day at 9 PM. Akshay never had any health supplements, he is naturally healthy. He takes his dinner at 7:30 PM. He does not drink, does not smoke, and doesn’t consume any caffeine or nicotine. No wonder why he is the heartthrob of so many people. If you want to be fit then you can take some tips from https://sudarshanpurohit.com/12-tips-for-a-healthy-lifestyle/

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7. Qualities of Akshay Kumar – King of comedy: Yes! Akshay is a person who can make anybody laugh with his comic timing. His expressions and dialogue delivery in a comedy scene are beyond measurement. He is a real hit. His comedy movies like -“Hera Pheri”, “Garam Masala”, “Welcome”, “Housefull”, “Housefull 2” etc. have hit everybody’s funny nerve. He is the so-called “Be-taaz Badshah of comedy”.

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Qualities of Akshay Kumar – Conclusion:

In this article, we see how with the help of these qualities Akshay Kumar become the Khiladi of Bollywood. This teaches us that hard work and true dedication towards your work is the key to success. If you want to connect me through my professional network on LinkedIn also here is the link:https://www.linkedin.com/in/sjpurohit/

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