What to do when bored at home?

What to do when bored at home?

what to do when bored at home
what to do when bored at home

Oh god! When will this lockdown end? I just can’t be at home anymore now.

Such are our reactions during this time of house arrest wherein we are trapped. If you move out there is the fear of police and staying inside feels like gloom all around. Everyone at home is at the same pace irrespective of the age gap. The adrenaline rush is the same for all, to go out, meet people, and get back to the pavilion. We are all beating about the bush in order to get something to talk about.

Once a friend told me talking inflow brings up new and interesting things to talk about. But now even our mouth is tired talking and brain stuck with a single thought that when will this get over and we would live a normal life.

To make it more adventurous let the cat out of the bag and boom- Our world would change completely after this gets over and it will be a new normal for us but not the same. Hoping things to get back to normal is our way to divert our mind from this change because we fear changes but it is the rule of nature. Home is where our story begins and getting stuck at the same place is like holding the climax thinking of a dynamic ending.

what to do when bored at home
what to do when bored at home

So i have selected 11 best things out of the 100 options available on what to do when bored at home :

1. Introspect and Retrospect- This lockdown has given us the most valuable time with ourselves which is one in a lifetime opportunity. Amid all the chaos in your normal life you wouldn’t get this opportunity because the time runs so fast that we can’t take time for ourselves. Man gets lost in the circle of life and loses his ultimate goal and settles after achieving the temporary goals. This is the time for you to introspect and retrospect and bring a change within yourself and emerge as a new individual.

You can examine your inner thoughts and ideas and frame them in a positive way. It is really important for us to think before we act. One has the time to review your past and learn from the mistakes and make sure that we don’t repeat again. This will help us analyze that where are we going wrong and change the course of it.

Focus on the bigger picture can be done through introspection and we can make out our way to it through retrospection. When you sit back relax and focus then you can fight your fears and define your terms of happiness.

Today we do have time for ourselves and home is a place which gives us the time to relax and breathe in peace where you analyze and plan your future.

Now how to introspect and retrospect? First thing which you can start with is you can just open you goal diary and check whether are you on the track which you had laid down for yourself. If yes then great, think about how you can over achieve it and if not then think about what you can do to achieve it. You can also look into if you have to add new goals or to strike out some of the previous one.

If you have not kept any goal then this could be the best time. Now to learn how to set up goal in life you can watch this video. How to set target and achieve it.

Now other then evaluating us on whether we have achieved the set goal or not, we must also inspect whether we are happy in life or not. We do all the things in life to become happy but many a time while doing things we forget the main goal which is happiness. So we must inspect whether we are happy in life or not. If we are not happy then you can watch this video: How to be always happy. To answer what to do when bored at home then the first of the many things to do when bored at home is introspect and retrospect.

2. Help your mom- Mothers are the example of love, affection and sacrifice. They are the ones who work endlessly and we don’t even realize. Being a young adult we don’t want to work without being paid because we don’t get anything for free. Man always forgets that a mother works without any holidays rather works more during holidays and she is not paid for any work.

So this time when you feel that you are free or bored at home go and start helping her even if she says go I will do it yet be determined to help her.

Just look at her face while you are helping her, you will see her face shining and an unexpected shower of love on you. By doing this you will realize the hard work and sacrifices of a mother and you will get an answer to what she does the entire day at home. You will see an all-rounder running her company: her home.

You will also find out that your mother is so selfless. She does it without any expectation from anyone in family and that is the main reason why everyone loves her. If you want to learn selflessness then you can watch this video : How to be selfless you can also read one article to understand selflessness in detail .

To answer what to do when bored at home then the second of the many things to do when bored at home is help your mom.

3. Learn something new- The process of learning never stops and adds on to your treasure of knowledge. One should have the aim of learning something new every day and jot it down so as to have a gift to pass on to the coming generations and a reference for the future. You can learn a new word or a game to play at leisure. This will make you feel like finding a new gem daily and filling your box of treasure.

You can learn something by talking to your grandparents who have really fascinating stories for you because both of you belong to a different generation and they have seen a transition in time and drastic change in technology. This will pass your time and create happy memories for your grandparents.

One can also learn a new fact or a joke and share it with your friends.

One can learn the lesson of life from the people at home and learn through their struggles and explore new ideas and norms.

Now learning is always fun for those who have good learning attitude. You will find that people who have good learning attitude are very successful in life and respected by others. I am sure you would also want to develop good learning attitude. I have a very good video for you through which you can learn great learning attitude.

To answer what to do when bored at home then the third of the many things to do when bored at home is learn something new in life.

4. Do It Yourself- Do It Yourself will help you explore your creative side. This will help us divert our minds and do some brainstorming and create something really quick using simple materials available at home. We can create the best out of waste and start decorating our home and recycling the waste. This idea also saves our environment.

Creativity leads to innovation so during this process you can come up with something unique and create a trend or something new everyone can learn. Creativity instills a spark in your mind and gives you a different perspective to think and see. Creativity is an ocean of new ideas and their solutions.

If you would search on google you will find many creative things to do. You can choose anyone and can spend your time well.

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To answer what to do when bored at home then the fourth of the many things to do when bored at home is get indulge in do it yourself activities.

5. Read- Books are considered a man’s best friend. Our friends have a great impact and influence on us. When bored start reading a book or finish a pending book and enter the world created by the writer. Reading helps your mind be mentally fit and flexible. Every book has a different effect as it depends upon your choice of selection of books. Books can make us cry, enhance our vocabulary, or make us question the society.

Books never judge you and keep your secret safe with it and hence they are called our best friends. Books enrich our minds and broaden our perspective towards life. We all want to be heard and books are the ones who will listen to us and not question us back. They help us learn new things and travel the world sitting at a place and turning its pages. Books are always there for us.

Now there are two ways to grow our mind one is reading book and other is meeting people. We dont have access to meet all the great individual so the best way out is by reading the books they have written.

I know one very good book which would help you to develop good attitude by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

To answer what to do when bored at home then the fifth of the many things to do when bored at home is spend time in reading good books.

6. Pen down your thoughts- Thoughts are the mere ideas floating in your mind and making you think and then act on them. When we are alone we come across numerous thoughts but stick to just one thought and the others just float away. So to know all your thoughts one has to write them on a paper and have a vast content.

Through this you can write your goals in life or small-term goals to achieve with time. You can vent out your emotions through writing and express them. This also helps you pen down your views which might be harsh or direct. Writing your ideas down helps you think over them and gives you a space with your thoughts.

Decision making is easier when we have a clear mind and we see our thoughts in front of us. Penning down your ideas is your way of relaxing.

I have a very nice story to share with you on penning down the thought. If you want to watch the video of this story then you can click this.

To answer what to do when bored at home then the sixth of the many things to do when bored at home is pen down your thoughts. Will help you to make clear decisions.

7. Plan- Planning is very important in life. Without planning things get haphazard and you get puzzled. You keep on beating about the bush and the end results are not satisfactory for you. Through planning you can go slow and steady, win the race. Planning helps you set small and achievable goals for life. You take time for yourself and live a happy life.

Just like the architect has a plan to build his building the same way we are the architects of our lives and planning helps us build the blueprint and start working on it. Planning will make your life systematic.

Now in our plan we must keep target of growing our attitude and character. You can do that by watching my youtube channel also :

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To answer what to do when bored at home then the seventh of the many things to do when bored at home is invest time on proper planing your present and future.

8. Yoga/Meditate/Zumba- It is the best way to sweat your energy and get relaxed. All of it helps us remain fit and healthy. Through meditation we learn the ability to focus and concentrate which helps us in daily life. Zumba is like dance it out and be relaxed with all the burdens you have in your mind. This helps you enjoy and be happy.

Make your entire family do it with you which will give you some quality family time and a lot of fun. Play the music and let everyone dance and vent it out. This will increase the immunity of all.

Meditation is the best way to relax your mind and reach to higher consciousness. I got motivation to meditate by reading the book auto biography of yogi. You can buy autobiography of yogi here.

To answer what to do when bored at home then the Eight of the many things to do when bored at home is do yoga and meditation. This is the best thing one can do in life.

9. Talk- Being humans we can’t stay without talking for long. So when bored talk to your friends, plan outings and night overs. Call your school teacher for a change and ask for their well being which will your teacher really happy and at night you will sleep with contentment. Go out and talk to your neighbors and you will surely learn something from it or just enjoy the gossips. Talk to your old friends and see how has time changed. Talk to your parents and see what is going with them.

When we go out and talk then it would be good to understand how to be a charismatic person who attracts everyone. If you want to learn the skills of attracting others then you can read this article. How to be liked?

To answer what to do when bored at home then the ninth of the many things to do when bored at home is by talking to your close people.

10. Hobbies – We all like to do something or other in our leisure time. It can be cooking and experimenting in the kitchen or gardening. All this passes time and gives you some work to do instead of sitting idle and doing nothing. Dancing, a lot of us go for dancing classes to learn either for passion or just to release energy and stay fit.

Some people like to read while others pen their emotions through poems. Through cooking you can help your mom in the kitchen. Gardening spreads greenery and help you have a kitchen garden to reduce some expenses.

You can also make some money through your hobbies by teaching that to others. It would make you better and will make you earn some money also.

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To answer what to do when bored at home then the tenth of the many things to do when bored at home is to invest time in doing your best hobbies.

11. Spend time with family- Family time is the best part of the day wherein everyone sits together to discuss debate and enjoy. Plan to see the sunset with your family. You can play games together and take everyone. Watch a movie or a serial. Sit and gossip and you see that it is a never-ending conversation. Family needs time and happy memories together. All the hard work we do is for our family so how can we just ignore the fact. Do some fun activities.

We must know how to build great relationship with our family members. I have one very famous article on that. You can read it how to build healthy relationship.

To answer what to do when bored at home then the eleventh of the many things to do when bored at home is building great relationship with family members.

Conclusion: There is no end to the list and we all can create one according to our interests. These are best out of 100 options which will help you not get bored at home. You can spend time with yourself and plan your future. In the night you can cook and make delicacies’ for the family to enjoy together.

I am sure i have missed many options if you think that something can come to this list which is very very important then you can definitely send it in comment i will add it.

I am sure after learning what to do when bored at home you would want to learn about how to handle difficult situations at home :


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