How to set high standards for yourself

How to set high standards for yourself?

“Set high standards for yourself and don’t settle for anything less. You are the best judge of your capabilities.” – Tony Robbins. There are a lot of benefits of having high standards for yourself.

How to set high standards for yourself

First, let’s understand what is the meaning of high standards of living. Many a time we just relate it to material abundance but actual high standards of life are holistic growth which is good money, good body, good mind, and good soul.

It’s not that people who live luxury life lives a high standards life. Finally, the one who is happy in life is having high standards of living. Many times people have a lot of money but they don’t spend much money on materialistic things. They are happy living with basic materialistic things.

Having high standards in life is all about enjoying life fully and that happens by having the right attitude and character. High standards are directly related to higher wisdom. The way they lead their life defines the standard of life.

Now if you want to set high standards for yourself you would have to work on 5 major areas. These areas directly affect the lives of people. So, ultimately you can uplift your standard by working on these 5 fields. Your high standard will affect society also because if you would have a high standard then you set the benchmark for others. You would motivate others to grow their standard of life.

The first way to set high standards for yourself is by having Great Character-

“If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.

If health is lost, something is lost.

But, if the character is lost, everything is lost.”

These golden words are still relevant. Many people are turning to the morals of a particular religion and others are turning to moral philosophy or creating their own ethics based on their own experiences. In any way, if you have high moral values your character will automatically have a high standard.

If you would grow your character, you will be highly successful in life. To understand that you can read this article.

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The second way to set high standards for yourself is by having Great Health-

“It is health that is real wealth & not the pieces of gold & silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

According to the World Health Organization better health is important for human well-being and happiness. This also provides a major difference to economic growth, considering the longer, more competitive, and savings of healthier populations. Many factors affect the state of health and the willingness of a country to provide its citizens with quality health services. The aim of your life is your well-being. You have good health in every aspect of your life. For all the other four aspects of your life, you cannot ascend higher if you do not have the adequate physical strength for each of them.

If you want to work on having great health then you can read this article. Tips to live a healthy life.

The third way to set high standards for yourself is by having great Relationships-

A good relationship is very important for having high standards. It makes our life less stressful. We have healthier behavior. We all face different kinds of mental bruises. With a good relationship, we have better healing too. It is normal that people want to feel like they are important and that they are part of something larger. Most people aspire to believe that they do something positive for someone else and somehow change the environment. It can make an individual sense of well-being and intent to have a loving relationship, no matter what type. In reality, you can actually add years to your life with a sense of intent.

If you want to learn about how to build great relationships then you can read this article. How to build health relationship.

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The fourth way to set high standards for yourself is by having a great Mindset / Attitude-

“Life is only as good as your mindset.”

Why do some people seem to be brilliant in any field where they want to practice and others do not even handle a lens despite evident talent? Evidence indicates that it really matters how they think about their performance. Those who have achieved excellence have worked hard to get there to use Shakespeare’s word. Many people have been told they would never be anything. Yet they felt they could do it and they worked hard.

Having the right mindset is all about having a positive attitude. If you want to build a positive attitude that would help you to set high standards for yourself then you can read this article. How to develop positive thinking?

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The fifth way to set high standards for yourself is by having great Wealth-

“Money is a tool when used properly it makes something beautiful; used wrong it makes a mess.” –Bradley Vinson

Having great wealth is the source of happiness in life. Now you spend it on luxury or not is a different mindset but one must have great wealth to do whatever they want to do. To build great wealth one must know how to handle investments. One must spend money wisely on what they really want and must not spend on what they don’t enjoy. One must have enough savings for tough times in life. For a safe retirement, building wealth is critical.

Wealth matters, as it will keep you going even though you don’t have an income source for some time. So what if you want to fly (travel) for a few months? You can be benefited from investments. So wealth helps us to invest our time in what we really want to do and through that, we enjoy our life.

If you want to build wealth then you can watch these videos. What makes a billionaire?

You can also watch this particular video to build wealth. Advice from world richest person.

So having high standards is all about having a happy life. I have mentioned 5 important things which we must work on to lift our standard. Identify the failure of the expectations and promise to raise the bar. Work on yourself. If you want to build learning attitude then you can watch this video.

To set high standards for yourself you can read one great book by John Maxwell “winning with people” you can buy that book at Winning with people

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How to set high standards for yourself


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